One Day Less - In the Closet

Day 7

When the people asked John the Baptist how to prepare for the savior, part of his reply was incredibly practical:

"He said to them, 'Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none.'"

We love holding onto things, don't we?  And clothes, oh the clothes.  We hang onto the one shirt or skirt or sweater for that one day a year we might wear it.  And if you're like me, you may even end up putting it on that one day and don't really care for it all that much anyway.  I don't shop for clothes all that much in real stores or online, I can't stand it.  And yet somehow I still find it possible to go through my closet at least twice a year and get rid of things that have collected there.  I love the decluttering.  I find it fun and it gives me a sense of freedom and peace.  But today, I will be a bit more ruthless in the closet, striving to give away things that yes, maybe I would use that someday.  Heck, maybe I use it now.  But could someone else use it?  Does someone else need it more?  How can I call myself a Christian when I hang on to two, three, four coats, you know, just in case, when there is someone in our community who needs one now?  How can I approach the manger with a heart so selfish?  It will hurt a little bit.  But it's that type of hurt that is good, breaking me of silly attachments to mere pieces of fabric that have the potential to bless someone else.

I love how Pope Francis has been calling us out of our comfort zones in almost every possible way that he could.  He's asked for a poor Church.  When it comes to clothes, am I willing to be poor?  When I give am I just giving my cast offs?  The things that are now ill-fitting or stained or out of style?  Or am I willing to part with clothes that I actually do like and would wear again?  Am I willing to simplify even my closet to prepare my heart for Him?  Today I'd like to prove to Him that I am.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration! I've been slowing weeding some "just in case" and "you never know" stuff out of our home :) It's the right thing to do. Thank you.

  2. This was beautiful! I went through some bags of clothes the other day and decided I "needed" to keep two of the bags. Two weeks later the bags are still sitting in the same place in my house. Looks like I don't really "need" them, along with half the clothes in my closet that I never wear. Thank you for teaching us to be more selfless!

  3. I've thinned our clothes and shoes (mine, hubby's, all the kids) during the last couple months and got rid of 15 bags and some boxes. I even dug out the sizes they aren't in and stripped it all down. And guess what? We still have plenty. Crazy. Humbling! Good for you... and thanks for the extra sisterly kick in the pants I need to keep going. :)


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