Day 3 - Clearing Out, Letting Go

Day 3 
It's time to finally make the effort to clear out the things I've been holding onto and meaning to get rid of.  A pile in the closet of homeschool books that I wasn't sure if I might use again, some furniture that we don't need or use that could bless someone else, some crib bedding, and even some cloth diapers that some other much more talented woman than I could give some new life to.  Some will go to Ebay, some will be offered to those I know.  It's not fancy but it's a way that I can tangibly let go of the idea that I need to hold on to things just in case.  I've been working on that a while now.  It's selfish to hold on to something I may possibly use someday when there is someone who could be using them now.  The Lord has always always provided for us and generously so.  It's a small exercise in trust to give things away, even things that we really like, with out despairing that we'll want them back someday.  So what if we do?  I'll deal with that then.  For now, let it go and live with less. 


  1. ah. this one is good. Holding on to things for 'one day' really is quite selfish isn't it.
    Time to get to work on our home.

  2. Such a good one...and not just because I'm a fan of living with less, but because I, too, tend to hold on to things just in case. This series of yours is inspiring me and I'm following your prompts.

  3. I can totally relate! I held onto baby clothes for so long...maternity too...and then realized (after we were blessed with another pregnancy) that the things I had held onto for so long...were now dated/worn/worse for the wear. These were items that I could have parted with much sooner...that would have blessed a new family! It's the sentimentality along with memories and emotions attached to items that make me hold onto things longer than necessary. Loving your series!

  4. I love this series you are doing...and getting rid of things is totally important. I used to hold onto way too many baby/kids clothes until I realized that a lot of times they don't pass down well anyway, so now I've started getting rid of everything and it is so freeing.


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