This Month in Boys - November 2013

John Paul

(His favorite pastime - curled up reading on the window seat)

-in response to my direction to put whatever he is doing away because it's time for dinner:
JP:  Okay, I just need to collect a little bit more hydrogen.
Me:  Wait, what?  You're not going to like, blow the house up or anything are you?
JP:  (Dumbfounded look)  Mama.  Hydrogen is a stable element.  It has eight electrons.
Me:  ...
-has somehow picked up "Come on" as his newest phrase to express disbelief and is passing it along to Michael.
-can fix the furnace during the periodic times that it chooses to click on but not heat.  I have no idea what he does down there but it somehow works again.
-has been spending hours poring through encyclopedias trying to figure out everything from how to create his own gunpowder to how to build a laser.  
-has been working on something special to share with you this week.  (Not a laser.)
-is still writing plenty of songs.
-is thankful for baseball and getting to go to Mass.



-got 3rd place in the spelling bee!  We worked SO hard.  Oh, this was so so so good for him!!  He is quite fond of his medal.  It has a bee on it.  (Get it?!?  Yes?  Well, he thinks that is just hilarious.)
-asked and asked to begin stripping the wallpaper in the utility room and helped me all morning the other day to do just that.
-was thrilled that there was a dusting of snow on the ground a few mornings ago.
-is more than happy to remind a certain younger brother who is being stubborn about chores that "David, you can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens you."
-in order to stall show his love, he must give his younger brothers a hug and kiss before they all go to bed.
-and several times has said "I just wish I could snuggle with Luke all night long."
-is designing and building a wooden train with John Paul (that actually smokes?!?) to give to David for Christmas.
-is thankful that he got a medal in the spelling bee and that we get to go to ROME!


(I brought the camera over and told him I'd like to take a picture and, no joke, this is what he does.)

-has worked out a perfect plan for our trip since the pope doesn't speak English.  "We just need to get a cardinal who can speak both languages and we'll tell him what we want to say in English and he'll tell the pope and the pope will tell us what he wants to say back through the cardinal."  Our own personal cardinal translator for our personal papal audience.  Sounds good to me.
-is the best at reminding Papa to bless us before he leaves for work in the morning.
-has been doing "experiments" by putting random objects into the freezer.  Today it was a marble, a teaspoon filled with water and a penny, and a cup filled with water and a ball of foil.
-decided today that he would like to be pope when he grows up.
-still asks for his tractor and for Papa to find a worker who can build it for him while he is on his way to the office.
-comes into bed to snuggle every morning.
-is thankful for going to Rome and for not having ham at Thanksgiving (?).


(Finally with the big boy haircut!)

-loves playing blocks and trains.
-learned to jump with both feet and was quite excited about it.
-loves to march.  Don't tell him but it's currently a great way to get him excited to go upstairs to bed when he's reluctant.  
-can make the Sign of the Cross and say amen.
-will come over and dance whenever John Paul is playing piano.
-is rather fond of using the word no.
-will attempt to copy us when we ask him to use words and will try so hard and look so cute doing it even though they sound nothing like the word when they come out of his mouth.
-somehow has begun sleeping in our bed half the night. 
-expresses frustration with his toys with an exasperated "oh, mamA.." with the greatest tone and expression (emphasis on that last A syllable).  It almost sounds like he's using my name as a curse word and I can't help but wonder if he picked it up from my tone when he does something that frustrates me..."Oh, Luke..."  Oy.  Mea culpa.
-is thankful for a Mama who talks real big but is a pushover at the slightest middle of the night cry.


  1. That picture of David! I love it :) These updates are always the best!

  2. Your memories of your sons are priceless.

  3. Always my favorite post. Thanks for the pictures and updates. John Paul, Lasers and gunpowder are not a good mix. Michael, great job spelling. I am impressed by anyone who is a good speller. David, I would love to know what you were thinking when the picture was taken. Luke, you are so cute. I can't wait to see you jump and hear you talk.
    Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.

    Grandma in Chicago

  4. Your boys are so funny! And we still tell our kids to march to bed :)

  5. Love the answers! I can't wait to see what wonderful invention JP comes with in our lifetime- hopefully not of the bomb making type:)

  6. They sound like the sweetest boys! Sounds like John Paul may already be an all around handy man and soon to be chemist/engineer!? I loved that he is thankful for going to Mass. How awesome is that...and another son wanting to be the Pope?

  7. Every time you do this, I think, "I should really do that with my kiddos... at least I'd have a post once a month on my blog..." And, it still hasn't happened. Your boys are so creative and smart - you're doing a great job, momma!

    P.S. I am SO envious that you are going to Rome for JPII's canonization. And I thought we'd be celebrating big with our son's First Communion that day!!! So excited for you all and can't wait to see pictures/posts from your time there!

  8. They are all so handsome and just precious! Miss you guys!


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