Our Cast of Saints 2013

A glimpse of our celebrations:


"Wait, you have to get one of me cutting my robe!"





Not to be outdone by the kiddos...
I failed to produce beaming light rays out of my stigmata but oh well.

A much anticipated part of the evening...

Brian explains precisely how one is to whack the snot out of the devil.

(See Jen for more!)


  1. Those are all darling costumes, but that Blessed John Paul II is one of the cutest I've seen in a loooong time! Too cute!

    You'll have to work on those rays of light. ;-)

    PS happy All Saints Day

  2. Oh my goodness you all look incredible! Not gonna lie, one of the reasons I'm learning to sew is so that I can sew awesome saint costumes for the kids!

  3. Oh my goodness- what an adorable array of Saints! John Paul is a very realistic looking Roman soldier and of course, always has the flair for the dramatic! The pictures of St Henry and St Edward the Confessor made me laugh out loud-they are too cute for words! And of course our little Pope looks like he's filled with all the joy of Heaven! You make a very lovely nun, Mary but I bet that costume gave Brian a start! Great job with all the costumes!

  4. Those costumes are AMAZING!! My youngest was St. Martin of Tours too! My youngest scoured saint books until he found a saint (other than St. George) that wore armour and carried a sword.

  5. What fantastic costumes! The boys look adorable AND holy! And that was one awesome St. Rita costume too!

  6. They are the bomb.com, so so so good. You outdid yourslef!


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