One Last Hurrah and a W

Last Sunday I was desperate.  It felt like I hadn't gotten out of the house in far too long (even though I had) and I felt the foreboding smell in the air and heard the chaos of four boys in the house.  I trembled with the reality that winter is coming.  Seventeen (or something) long months of winter ahead.  The forecast predicted a rain-filled weekend but then, behold, we got out of Mass and the skies were blue!  I hopped online and a certain unnamed weather source stated that  the forecast had changed!  Chance of rain, 0%!  I shot out an email to friends begging them to come to the park for one last hurrah before the freezing temperatures and illness quarantines of winter began.


We went to a park near where I grew up.  It looked lovely and despite the frigid temperatures, we had fun.


This area of the park is so quaint and nostalgic and has yet to be replaced by a generic plastic monstrosity.  In fact, I was so pleased that they had repainted the rusty metal rather than tearing it down. It is lovely and dangerous and imaginative and really quite a treat for little people.


Such a goof.

That 0% chance of rain turned into a quick downpour and drizzle the remainder of our stay.  But we toughed it out, stubbornly enjoying our crockpot of chili while chattering under the pavilion.  And Theresa and her family were crazy cool enough to join us!  The kids played soccer and examined drain pipes and searched for acorns oblivious to the wet and cold.  Mostly.

And now the temperatures are in the forties and will likely continue dipping for a good long while.  I'm glad we got one last hurrah of fall before the snow starts falling.  I'm ready now.  I think.  Not really.


And this was the extent of our saint costume preparations as of yesterday morning.  But, glad to say, after a morning spent yesterday gathering supplies and an afternoon of putting things together, I made a good dent in it and have a handle on getting everything ready.  The boys are quite pumped about their costumes :)

Hey, look!  A 'W' for Cari!
(Our lovely crazy messy old tree that greets me out the kitchen window.)

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  1. I'm sorry we missed the fun but sitting on the couch snuggled up watching football with the fam was hard to give up ESP when it was raining out!!


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