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The fields around here have been covered with these beautiful flowers and the boys have been bringing me bunches.  Anyone know what they are?  They don't last long and I didn't think to take a picture when there were vases of these all over the downstairs before they wilted but it did look so pretty!  These ones pictured are the last (sort of) hanging on.


A trip to the park from a few weeks ago...

Luke was thrilled by the ducks and slightly shocked that one grabbed his snack from him!


I let Luke outside with the boys for a bit the other day and asked them to watch him.  When I looked outside a few minutes later I saw this:

We had Brian's truck for the day since our van needed brakes and it served as the perfect Luke container.  He LOVED it!  He stayed in there happily and safely for a good hour just throwing a ball and watching the boys play!  And I got a much needed break since round two of molars has officially begun.

So basically I should just get the pretty shiny truck and he should take the decrepit rusty van, right?


I got those window seats done just in time for them to serve as the perfect David-size sick bed.  He woke up this morning feeling off and I have been, too, but I think it's already passing through, and for that I'm very very grateful!

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  1. Poor David.. We have that book from our library right now : )

  2. Aren't the flowers coreopsis?

    1. Yes! Thank you! I wish I had gotten a picture in the fields when they were all blooming!

  3. What great photos from the park! It looks like so much fun!

  4. The window seat is so lovely! And Luke is ADORABLE in the back of that truck. I hope you all feel better soon!


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