This Month in Boys - August 2013

John Paul

-has composed four songs on the piano.  Titles include "Where the Red Rose Grows," "Where the Gate of Evil Lies," and "Marching."  They're all very...powerful sounding.
-has made up games for the boys to play which include "Money Fun" and "Strategy."
-has the sweetest talking to Luke voice.
-scared us with a nasty fall from a tree last week bruising his back but thankfully that was the worst of it.
-stayed home and "watched" his brothers (who were sleeping) for the first time while Mama and Papa were next door at the neighbors'.
-still has elaborate plans for the "army" that he's been developing the last few years.  He recently insisted that he must buy fabric to sew the uniforms and has conscripted many of his friends into service, each with specific assigned roles.
-is loving reading The Fellowship of the Ring with Papa and considers Aragorn his favorite.
-is 50 inches tall.


- was overheard sharing that "When I sing at church I can feel my heart beating really fast."
-has his first wiggly tooth!
-didn't flinch a centimeter when getting his blood drawn at the doctor and was quite proud when the technician told him that he did better than most teenagers.
-recently prayed during his special intentions, "that I can get to know You more."
-is doing a wonderful job on his memory work and is about to start level II of the CHC readers.
-loves "Hobbit Time" with Papa.  John Paul has been telling him a bit about The Lord of the Rings which has made him enamored with Gimli.  He gets to carry an axe, you know.
-is 42 pounds and 44 inches tall.


-has a face that lights up like the sun when playing with Papa.
-knows the "Caterpillar" poem and his lisped recitation might just be the cutest thing ever.
-wants to go outside almost every morning and ride his bike.
-frequently asks to help with whatever Mama is doing in the kitchen.
-asks every day if Papa while he is at work can find a "worker" who will build him a tractor.
-wants to be Legolas because, of course,  then he gets a bow and arrow.
-is 30 pounds and 36 inches tall.


-is sleeping. through. the. NIGHT!!!  (Well, mostly.) 
-delights in the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
-is a big fan of the brushing of the teeth (and will test out everyone else's brush given the opportunity).
-has taken to waving bye whenever we're leaving (or he's going upstairs to bed) and saying "bye-bye" over and over.
-must have any hurt or even slightly offended body part kissed before going back to whatever he was doing.
-and yet he, too, didn't even bat an eye when getting his blood drawn at the doctor office.
-still plays his own version of baseball constantly, smacking a stuffed egg with a block (or other makeshift bat) and running around his bases.  His very intentional batting stance is too too much.
-is 28 pounds and 33 inches tall.


  1. Posy loves Itsy Bitsy Spider too! And your boys and their sweet tender hearts for God... Love.

  2. They are just precious! I love how you got pictures of them near the water.

  3. Your boys are darling, and I do love boys! I love the things you notice about them! Such a good mama. :-)

  4. Oh how I love these monthly posts!

  5. What a great post. I love seeing moms delight in their children.

  6. Love these updates! I can just hear JP's songs!!! So strong and dramatic!! Love it- hope to hear in person soon

  7. must take videos of the original compositions and share with us. Sydney would love to hear them and I'm sure it would inspire her to compose another violin song (so far we have March of the Dragons and I can't remember the other one...)


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