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The boys came in shouting the other day that they had captured a butterfly in their net.  Butterfly was taken in for a night but in order to keep the poor thing from being yet another entomological victim, we released him the next morning.  Maybe he (she?) was cold but he clung right to my finger and wouldn't let go.  The picture is blurry due to the nine year old photographer but you can still tell what a pretty butterfly he was!

This picture looked prettier in my camera.  I finally began attempting to make a dent in our zucchini supply.  This was the result of ONE of our massive ones.  I think I'm going to have find a new zucchini bread recipe.  I thought the one I had written in my book was good but I think I thought that wrong.  It's not that good.  The boys will still think it a treat, though...


...plus a big bowl of shredded that is yet to be used...

Do you know that it is really hard to take a good picture of a potato?  Try it, you'll see.  
I really like growing potatoes.  They're like real food, you know?  Food that fills you up and you feel like you actually ate something unlike all those other salady things we grow.  It's like a treasure hunt when you get to dig them up and find them.


Who needs television or toys when watching mom shred zucchini is so riveting?  Seriously, they ran in from playing something called the ice cream game (which obviously is that game where you throw a blanket on the other person's head and then giggle hysterically) in order to watch me shred.  Bonus, my triceps are now burning.  


Theme Thursday at Cari's is "Statues."  This is the well loved but worn Our Lady of Grace that Brian got me the Mother's Day after we lost Joseph Mary.  I love it.  We had to perform an emergency head surgery on her a few years ago.  Her scar remains.


  1. The butterfly picture might be blurry but the composition is lovely! Well done, little photographer!

    I love your skirt.

  2. emergency head surgery. I laughed.outloud.

  3. Lovely photos...especially the Mary statue and butterfly. And, I'm jealous of your garden's bounty.

  4. Oh my gosh, Danielle Bean had an awesome chocolate zucchini bread recipe on her blog a few years back. Do a search for it, its a winner!

  5. Emergency head surgery. Hilarious. But glad she recovered so well. The butterfly is very beautiful as well.

  6. Lovely shots of Our Lady, doesn't she look full of Grace? PM

  7. Great pictures. I made zucchini sticks. Cut with skins on 4 inch section quartered into sticks. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic. Bake at 450 (I think it was 25 minute)until they are tender and start to brown.

    Grandma & Grumpy

  8. The zucchini bread looks yummy! Your Mary statue is beautiful.

  9. Lovely pictures! Where did you get your skirt?

    1. It's from Old Navy a year (or two?) ago. It *may* have been meant to be a swimsuit coverup since it was near all the suits but I liked it as a skirt better! I actually got another in white and dyed it blue!

  10. I have a really yummy double chocolate zucchini cake recipe. Not as healthy as bread, but yummy. :)


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