Blueberry Peach Parfaits for the Coronation

I put together a super simple dessert for tomorrow's feast day of the Crowning of the Blessed Virgin and thought I'd share it with y'all in case you were wanting a jumping off point for your own festivities.

The great thing about parfaits and trifles (because you can totally simplify even more and just put this in a big dish rather than individual glasses) is that there are no rules and they are so versatile and yet still look fancy.  This is what I put together from what I had but use what you have and make it work!

The blueberries represent Mary and the peach her golden crown.  The whipped cream symbolizes the heavenly clouds and I suppose you could even have the cake represent that she is fully human and still intercedes for us here on earth below.  

Yellow Cake (I happened to have this left over in the freezer, I think from extra batter from Michael's birthday cake and it was the perfect chance to be able to use it.  Other possibilities:  Nilla wafers, brownies, cookies, graham crackers, or just omit it altogether.)
Blueberries (about 2 cups)
Peach (Or how about mango or pineapple?)
Whipped Cream (I used about 3-4 cups.  Other possibilities:  Vanilla ice cream or pudding)

Assemble your fancy glasses (these are actually shrimp cocktail glasses I inherited from my grandfather!) or just use regular glasses or a trifle dish.

Peel your peach and slice thinly.  Cube up your cake into bite size pieces.  Then just layer it all together:  cake, whipped cream, blueberries, whipped cream, and use several slices of your peach for Mary's crown.  Simple, simple.

I experimented with several crownesque shapes...

and also a just throw it all in abstract version.  No rules, remember?


"And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars."  Revelation 12:1

Mary, you who are mother of our King and queen of heaven, pray for us!


  1. Looks beautiful and delicious!

  2. Hey that looks great! I'm going to show this to my daughter who does all the feast day baking. I'm hoping we can find a gluten free version.


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