Blueberry Days (& Mystery Ingredient Monday!)

In my quest to fill your days with as many possible pictures of my family picking various produce as I can, we decided to do our annual blueberry picking yesterday.  We went to a new place closer by where we spent way more money than anyone ever should on their yearly supply of blueberries.  Unless you happen to be a bear.  

I think every year I forget that those suckers weigh more than you think and then I pretend not to gasp when the amount is totaled and my heart threatens to stop.  We thought the savings in gas by going to the closer place would be close to the extra dollar per pound they charge here in the suburbs.  Very wrong.  But we have our blueberries and we are appreciating every single one that much more

(Carrying his "whip")

We ended up with 18 pounds most of which were put right in the freezer.  I spent some time today using the unfrozen portion to try my hand at these Blueberry Coconut Dreamsicles except that I pretty much changed everything as I am wont to do with every recipe I ever make.

Original Recipe (with my modifications which you shouldn't do.  Really.):  

12 oz. full fat coconut cream (I used 14 oz. of coconut milk...who wants 2 oz. of coconut milk hanging out in their fridge?)
1/8 c. sweetener (1/8 cup?  What the?  I interpreted that as 2 swirls and 1 plop of coconut nectar which happened to be bought on clearance a year ago for who knows what reason.)
 1 c. blueberries (nailed it)
1 lemon juiced.  (See what they really mean is the juice from one lemon not like the pulp and peel of a lemon with the juice removed like that reads.  Recipes, Y U no like grammar?  I used lime instead because that's what I had and it sounds fancier and trendier.  Unlike using meme references from six months ago.  And I only used the juice from one wedge because I didn't want it too tart for the kids.)

So you see why you should never trust me with a recipe.  

Pretty much you mix it all up in your ghetto mixing contraption as shown below:

If you want chunks of blueberries, don't over mix and save some to add at the end.  Freeze in popsicle molds.  Or if you're feeling like a fancy earthy mother, "place a 6 inch twig in place of the stem" (I'm not kidding, it says that.)  (That is totally something I would do.)

I tasted the batter before freezing and I am prepared to be underwhelmed but my kids will pretty much eat anything with -sicle on the end so we should still be good.

I also went off and got crazy and whipped up some muffins as well using this blueberry muffin recipe.   Except that, you guessed it, I changed it.  I left out a 1/2 cup of sugar (you can pretty much always cut the sugar in recipes so they're not sickeningly sweet.  Your family will soon forgive you as their tastebuds get used to it.  Or not.  But you're the one baking, so.) and I subbed a stick of butter for the oil as I didn't have any oil.  

I eliminated the crumb topping completely because 1. low on ingredients and 2. lazy.

Verdict:  Very good.  Not too sweet with lots of berryness.  If you're bored and have blueberries, you should make them.  Your family will be happy.

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  1. I sub stuff like that lime for lemon switch all the time. A TWIG? Are they for REAL? Totes agree with you on the 2oz of coconut milk sitting around. Not gonna happen. I wanna see the popsicles! With twigs! Yay for muffins! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh my goodness, all those cowboy hats! Adorable!

    And I've made some SERIOUSLY nasty popsicles (and also others that were just lackluster) and the kids LOOOOOOVE them solely because they're frozen! So I'm thinking they'll go nuts for them :)

  3. Oh my goodness! YUM!

  4. A TWIG?!?! Totally something I would do. I think I'm going to have to try these, stick and all.

  5. I love the 2 bucket picture! That is positive thinking. You can never add too many blueberries to a recipe.

    Grandma & Grumpy



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