Seven Quick Takes - The Scandalous Edition

Me:  The prince and princess decided to name their baby George.  Some day he'll be King George!
John Paul:  I hope he's not like the other King George.  
Me:  ...
John Paul:  You know, taxing the people when they weren't represented?
Me:  Oh.  Um...right.

Our hen is still sitting tight on those eggs!  I'm a little nervous now that Cari says their hatched chicks are ferocious, feral dinosaur chickens but hey, maybe the hawks won't try to eat them?  I really am excited to see 1. if this works and 2. witness how a mama hen instinctively cares for her chicks.  So many idioms and adages have already been proven true since we've started raising chickens and I'm sure there's more to come.

Which looks remarkably like the other two picture of her sitting on eggs that I've already shown you.  She doesn't really move.  And she's still unnamed, poor girl.

I used to love trying to find Christian meaning in contemporary secular music (I know, I know, #Catholicnerd).  It's been a long time since I've listened to normal music stations preferring instead to be riled up by political talk or educate my children via CD but something about the summer brings with it a desire to flip on the car radio to find fun tunes to which I can belt.  I realize I am way behind on this one which is par for the course when it comes to me and all things pop culture but I'm really loving the deeper meaning to Pink's number one Just Give Me a Reason (which totally should've been titled Bent).  It's definitely not a complete allegory in the verses but I love how the refrain could totally be referring to original sin and the human condition.  
I'll spare you a link to the video since it's weird.  (Are there any music videos that aren't?  It's basically just her writhing around on a bed with an evil-eyed teddy bear for company.  And once in a while she's drowning in water.  Music video directors be cray-cray.)  You can look it up if you want but if you listen to pop music you've probably heard it dozens of times already and are pretty much confused why I would even be talking about this months after it's been released.  What can I say?  #Catholicnerd  Next time you hear it just picture Adam and Eve, concupiscence and redemption and have your mind blown, m'kay?

Fine, here's the song sans writhing and satanic teddy bears:

Because I'm a great mom, the other day Luke had his first doctor's appointment since he was four months old.  We needed to get established with our new doctor (who is GREAT, by the way.  Score one for that.).  At 19 months he weighs 28 pounds.  David went last week and at age four weighs 30.  Luke was 33 inches and David 36.  I wasn't kidding when I said they would soon be sharing clothes...which actually would work out nicely and would save us from having to buy another dresser so there's that.

It's Natural Family Planning awareness week!  I say we decorate with dangling thermometers and decorate a sheetcake with a full blown Creighton chart!  Maybe have a dramatic reading of Humanae Vitae or something?  And snacks?  Oh, we could...never mind...I won't scandalize you with my bodily fluid themed party ideas.

I thought I might have a post or two for that but I couldn't get them down and other people have better stuff written anyway.  And most of my readers are probably well aware of NFP.  Whether or not you are I HIGHLY encourage you to read this:
This is a phenomenal and well researched article that I wish every woman would read.  Please do.  And wouldn't it be wonderful if you could share it on Facebook?  I really really think women need to hear this stuff.  Who knows?  You might just plant a seed, you know?

Another good NFP article I saw:
Humanae Vitae:  Grave Motives to Use a Good Translation
for those Catholics who like to wrestle with what the text of HV really meant when referring to licit uses of natural methods to space pregnancy.

Some other click-worthy links for your enjoyment:

OverExposed Some convicting reminders on using social media (FYI, yes I do feel like a huge hypocrite linking that :)

Seduced by the Illusion:  The Truth About Transformation Photos  If you have Pinterest friends like I do who pin these waif looking people who have supposedly lost dozens of pounds doing this One Unique Thing (seriously, friends, WHY do you want to look like that??), this might interest you.
And now I'll leave you with this gem:
They make the best lemonade, you know ;)
Something tells me I'm going to have to do some sign editing.  

Linking up with Jen who promises me that she will get a video of her testing the alcohol on the scorpion theory.  Please, Jen?  Please?


  1. Wow..that seduced by transformation link kinda blew my mind.

    I keep seeing that "science found what's killing all the bees" link but was a bit scared to look at it..and frankly, I hate bees, so it's hard to shed too many tears over them.

  2. I got a nice chuckle from "In the Way Guy." Thanks!

  3. LOVE that song!! It makes me cry ever time I hear it.

  4. In the way guy made mr laugh pretty hard. And overexposed...I could have written it myself, that is why I've basically given up Facebook. Oh and the lemonade sign made me chuckle!


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