Just a Few Saturday Thoughts (and Our First Winner!)

We are a happy family over here!  Did you hear?  Blessed John Paul II will be canonized!  Possibly even this year!  Woohoo!  We've always said we'd throw a big ole party if and when that happened and we hope to do just that.   Unlessssss, God sees fit to get us to Rome for the big event.  Can you imagine??  I don't even know how that would happen but He's done bigger things than that before, right?  And a certain 6 year old in the house has still been praying that he will be able to receive his First Holy Communion in Rome.  So I'd say that sounds like a plan to me!  (Okay, God?  Great.)

I finally gave in.  The other day I created a Facebook page for ye olde blog!  I know there are people who prefer to use Facebook as their method of getting blog updates and I'm not all that comfortable sharing certain posts on my personal page (is that weird?).  Hence, a page just for the blog.  It feels awkward putting myself out there like that so if you want to make me smile, you can go over and like it here or by clicking on the Facebook icon in the sidebar.  Thanks, peeps!

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day celebration!  We swam, played, Michael was chosen to play in his All Star Contest, and we even did a little impromptu study on the Declaration of Independence.  We were also totally the lame parents who did not take their kids to see fireworks.  Are we the only ones?  The cost/benefit ratio is just not worth it, am I right?

Oh my, he was so ridiculously proud!

So long, Google Reader.  You were nice.  I sort of understood you.  Onto Bloglovin'.  Not in love.  Too much white space and I don't like that you can't read a whole post within the reader. Also I think I may have lost some blogs I was following in the switch?  Some show up and some don't. And some people post but it doesn't show up in Bloglovin' for a while or not at all unless I search for it through the specific blog.  With all that I might as well just use my Blogger Dashboard.  What are you using?  Do you like it?

A few click worthy links for you:

Why I Took My Kids' Toys Away (& Why They Won't Get Them Back)

On Criticism vs. Cruelty

Library Project:  Should Parent or Child Choose?  (Like Mother, Like Daughter - LOVE this.  The idea that it doesn't matter what your child reads as long as they're reading is a special form of cuckoo.)

Raising a Pure Son in a Sex-Crazed World

Oh, the baby shower game prize!  You probably would like to know the winner and maybe get a little update, yes?

First off, let's get this out of the way:
Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha!  *snort*  (Ahem, sorry about that...)
You guys are awesome but Sarah and I had a few laughs about some of the guesses.  And really I shouldn't laugh because I am awful when it comes to estimating sizes.  Maybe it's a gender thing...

Her 36 week (yay!!!) measurement?

46 1/2 inches! 
Those babies are packed in nice and tight in there!  We had one guess from Momma Mac for 46 inches (our LOWEST guess!) and one from Pamela for 47 so what the heck, you're both winners!  Please email me and we can figure out what prize you'd like!

The rest of you just better be glad Sarah likes having a big belly ;)

As of right now we have raised $630 in our diaper fund.
People, you are amazing!  Thank you so very much for how generous you all have been.  I am blown away with how successful this has been.  THANK YOU!  The prayer calendar is now open through November 2 because we've filled up July, August, and September!  If you click in to sign up, click on into October to find an open date in red.

The rest of the shower is still open for another full week so you still have time to come and join in and get a chance for those other great prizes!  We're going to keep Sarah nice and busy with this shower stuff to make sure she doesn't go into labor before 37 weeks.  Sound good?

Hey, why not link up with the Jen since I got 7 thoughts going on in here?
Happy Saturday!


  1. I switched to Feedly when they announced Reader was being discontinued and I really really like it. I hate change and Reader was the lifeblood of sanity in my day so for me to even tolerate something else is pretty big. Also, wow, my belly estimation technique is tres flawed!

  2. Love what you are doing with the shower. The toy article was SO interesting. It's funny because people give us things all the time, so we have a house full of toys and have MAYBE bought our kids 6-8 toys in their entire lifetime. BUT, I was just telling my husband our ENTIRE basement is filled with junk and the boys never play with it. The only thing Aaron/Joey ever touch are their cars. The ONLY thing. The rest they just dump out, hold for a second, and then move on (creating a mess). So INTERESTING. Looks like it might be garage sale time in the Wilkerson household.

    1. I know, right? The kids I know who are the least spoiled and most grateful are the ones who aren't swimming in crappy toys. I am constantly giving things away and reevaluating what toys we have but even so there are still a few things I've been hanging onto because *I* like them not because the kids really play with them! The article is a good motivation for me to let them go! I sense a post on this topic soon...

  3. SO excited about Blessed John Paul II!

    I'm using Feedly and I really, really like it. It feels very much like Reader to me.

  4. We didn't go see fireworks either - we did some tame ones in the back yard and I let the kids watch some on youtube. They didn't know the difference!

    And I've been using feedly, too - the partial feeds on bloglovin' drive me nuts, although I've found that certain blogs take forever to show up on feedly, for some reason. That's one reason I like to subscribe to facebook pages, because then when I'm sitting there nursing and have my computer next to me, new posts pop up on facebook and I get really excited!!!

    And we're totally having a huge canonization party :)

  5. I'm going to have to dig out the picture of JPII and I (well you can see him, and you can see me...and between a few more bodies, our hands touching!) Will that make me a 2nd or 3rd class relic??!!

  6. re No 4 - Using Feedly, have been doing so for months and love it. Prefer it over google actually. More visually inspiring for me.

    1. Sounds like Feedly it is! I tried it a few months ago and they were having problems with Safari and it wouldn't work on my computer. I just went back and it works now! Definitely prefer it, thanks everyone!

  7. Oh, I'm so embarrassed I picked such a big number,lol. I truly have zero spacial ability and was just guessing in the neighborhood of other guesses. (blame other people,,, yeah, that's the ticket!)

    1. Hahahahaha! Well, I'm THRILLED that no one underguessed my size. :) I hate it when people tell me I don't look like I'm carrying twins. I want all the credit I can get for my backaches. ;)

    2. Lol, I've been working on getting better with my size and distance estimations so my husband doesn't laugh at me so much :) Sarah, I'd totally be the same way! I think I'd be making sure everyone knew if I was carrying two ;)


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