Yarn Along 6/12/13

We had sun and warmth today which was so so welcome after all these gray rainy days.  We spent the morning at the park and then came home for naps for the littles and some reading time for the rest of us.  I've been reading several chapters of On the Banks of Plum Creek to the older two each day (David, too, if he's awake).  Reading aloud time only works when the Luke is asleep.  Today we read about the grasshopper summer and how the wheat crop was decimated and Pa had to leave for months in his old patched boots to find work.  Man, we have it easy, don't we?  It wasn't until we were at the part where Pa surprises them by coming home in the middle of the night that I noticed that both John Paul and Michael hadn't touched the Legos in front of them for a good twenty minutes.  They were so engrossed in the story and Michael laughed out loud when Pa surprised them.  I cherish moments like that. It was such an encouragement to keep reading with my boys and a sweet reminder of how very good it is for us all to be entering the magic of a story together.

I just started a striped Gift Wrap Bonnet in blue and cream wool on the needles.  I may or may not end up pulling it out.  I have such a hard time picturing what a piece will look like all finished when it's just a ball of yarn and a pattern.  We'll see if I deem it fit to grace the head of the currently in utero baby boy for whom it is intended.  Knitting is slow lately but it's good to have something to keep my hands busy at baseball games.  When I don't have to chase the Luke babe and keep him from trying to run on the field or throw baseballs at unsuspecting fans, that is.  

Joining up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along...

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