This Month in Boys - June 2013

John Paul

-wrote his first ever birthday gift list including metal sword ("doesn't have to be real"), "bebe" gun, pretend chain mail, a calendar, and wood.
-got two outs in his baseball game the other day!  He has the best wave/salute thing he directs at us whenever he makes a play.
-rather than immediately running to the concession stand with his game token as the other boys on the team, saved them up until he had enough to treat the whole family to ice cream.
-has been making detailed business plans for a roadside stand to sell homemade organic lemonade (his insistence), self-authored joke books, sunflower seedlings and snap pea plants.
-has earned the honor or "raccoon" in archery lessons.
-has allowed his fascination for scratch off tickets and contests to evolve into brainstorming ideas for running his own neighborhood lottery.
-refers to the personal CD player he received for Christmas exactly as such.  "Mama, may I listen to my personal CD player?"
-thinks any discussion must naturally be open to him as well.
-would rather build, read, or play ball than do manual labor any day.
-loves playing catch with Papa.


-is always the first one to want to pick Mama flowers and was SO excited to see the daisies growing alongside the road.
-was player of the game and got the game ball at yesterday's game!
-is a hard worker as long as he is confident that he can do it.
-has asked to read The Hobbit with Mama and decided that "when he is 7" he'll be able to read the Little House books on his own.
-got three bullseyes during the last archery lesson and has earned the honor of "squirrel."
-when discussing that if he were called to marriage, it was likely that his future wife was already out there somewhere thought for a moment and said "or I could just marry Sydney or Kayleigh."  (We gently broke the news that you can't marry your cousin.)
-has been needing a few more reminders to speak kindly and respectfully.
-loves playing catch and working in the garden with Papa.


-will climb on and snuggle in as tight as possible when you crack open a book to read aloud.
-has "his stump" in the yard which has been passed down to him to use as his fort as the bigger two have moved up in the fortress world.
-is almost always wearing his rubber boots.
-has begun having to practice his "esses" with Mama (who may be a little hesitant for him to stop saying "poon" for "spoon").
-has been enamored with the word "googolplex" and will use it to describe a whole lot of anything we are talking about.
-has been taking (and needing) a nap at least every other day and is very sensitive to any loss of sleep.
-still hasn't stretched out the baby weight, lost his chipmunk cheeks, or gone through the growth spurt we've been expecting.
-loves playing Legos and catch with Papa.


-is officially a year and a half!
- loves watching birds and sometimes will put out his arms like wings as he watches.  He was entertained for an entire baseball game by watching the seagulls fly back and forth.
-is learning to stack blocks and loves even more the knocking them down part.
-but mostly treats every toy as a ball and chucks it as far as he possibly can.
-says the most emphatic and cutest "mm-hmmm" to mean yes.  "Nee" has developed into no or sometimes "uh-uh."
-has taken his active nursing sessions to a whole new level.  Foot clapping, giggling, slapping, hair twirling, poking...unless it's the middle of the night, he can NOT stay still while nursing!
-is only one size below David in pants and shoes.
-always always wants to go outside but can only go out if someone is available to watch him like a hawk.
-sets up the tee, swings and hits, and then does his own version of base running.  So fantastically cute.
-loves playing catch with Papa.


  1. I love reading your descriptions of each of your boys, I feel like I really know them!

  2. I love your descriptions of the boys- Each one so unique and so beautiful (a grandma is allowed to say her grandsons are beautiful!) Sounds like Daddy is spending a lot of time playing catch! Too precious!

  3. I'm so glad you do this - it helps me "know" my nephews even though we live on the opposite side of the country. And darn that "no marrying cousins" rule!


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