There. That's Better.

In light of last week's expression of disappointment whining about the weather we'd been given, I feel obligated to photo dump all over the place evidence of this past glorious week with which we were blessed.  


How bout one in black and white for Cari?


See?  No more water!  And the grass was long enough that we got lots of hay for the garden :)

Each tree in our yard is gradually succumbing to such little boy contraptions.

We have a tiny raspberry vine growing near Our Lady.  Here's hoping one or two survive long enough to be eaten!

The boys are so good about sharing.  Most of the time.

We got that salvaged screen door painted and up!  We had to do some unorthodox things to make it work (see those weird hinges?) but it was worth it to have a screen door in the back.  That mudroom/laundry room gets smelly, y'all.  

Maggie thinks she's a tiger sometimes.  She's caught a couple of voles this week.  I sort of wish she would just stay an outdoor cat because, you know, litter box and furniture.  


It's okay.  He watered it down.  Boy knows his limits.

When your husband is an insurance agent but dreams of being a farmer, you get scenes like this every morning.  It's even better when he's got those big ole boots on with his normal dress shirt and tie.


I was permitted a picture of the boys after Mass on Sunday.  (Look!  They're all looking!  And smiling!)  I fully intended to get a self shot for WIWS but kept putting it off and then I gave up.  I think this has happened three times now.

Adorable romper by Chaps Ralph Lauren.  Only the best six years ago garage sale finds for my little one.  Don't mind our desperately in need of a paint job porch.

The front bed that still hasn't been weeded.  Can you breed chickens that only eat weeds?  They should work on that.


  1. Does Maggie leave the chickens alone? I love all your pictures, but especially the beer one :)

    1. She does. The first time she was outside she kept her distance but was eyeing them for a long time. I think SHE was the one who was afraid, though! Now they just ignore each other. And I'm sorry my cat has the same name as your daughter. Is that weird? We named her after Blessed Margaret of Castello because she was crippled when we got her...which is probably even weirder than them just sharing a name. I've got to use my stash of girl names somehow!

  2. I love the photo dump.
    My husband is a warehouse manager who dreams of being a farmer, and I've also spotted him in work-attire and rubber muck traipsing down the gully to check on something or other.

  3. I love the tree with the boy contraption. And the cat. You should put the cat in black and white. I think that would look awesome. The boys playing ball would look great in black and white too, but I love the red barn. =)

  4. I think that tree picture is so dreamy and beautiful!

    And what is it with babies and beer? The twins are always trying to suck on our bottles!

    1. I know! I don't even bother trying to stop them anymore! And you know how when people first start drinking and they think they're all cool drinking from the bottle like, hey, I'm a big person now? Luke totally does that.

  5. Love it! Glad you got some great weather. And I'm totally with you on screen doors. I just don't understand why so many houses in Alaska don't have screen doors or windows. I mean, hello - let's let the gorgeous fresh air in while keeping the mosquitoes out, yes? :-)

  6. Boys in overalls are my fav! I want your life...


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