A Simple Snack for the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts

Friday marked the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, followed on Saturday by the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Friday I wasn't able to get to Mass but we did have heart shaped pizza for dinner in honor of the day. It wasn't super pretty but pizza is always celebrated around here even when it's not beautiful!

I was able to get to Mass with three of the boys yesterday morning and it was so good. The Lukester babbled a bit and had to go in back with me where I tried to distract him from the giant flowing baptismal font that is just begging for toddler hands. It is so awesome, though, that we are at a point where I can take the little ones in 
the back and leave the oldest two in the pew and know that for the most part I can trust them there. Yesterday they were just perfect. Grace is good. John Paul was excited when he realized we were at St. Mary's Church on a Marian feast day. And it made my heart happy to hear them both singing Immaculate Mary at the recessional.  

Anyway, I came up with this simple little snack in honor of both days. I made a full plate of them and I think we'll have them for dessert tonight. Pretty self explanatory but I cut out the strawberry stem making a hole large enough to fit a small piece of orange segment that I cut partially through. Melted chocolate for the crown of thorns and I added some frosting for the flowers around the Marian heart. Mini white chocolate chips would also work. Sweetly simple :)

Happy Sunday!


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