Monday Musings

We had a restful (albeit gray, cold, and rainy) weekend.  Saturday night Brian had his monthly overnight at the homeless shelter so I was on my own in the morning which was just fine.  On those weekends we usually get to the Vigil Mass and that Sunday morning is the one morning a month where we are lazy and don't rush out of our pajamas into daily tasks.  So the boys got pancakes and I was simply grateful that Luke only woke a few times during the night and slept in an hour after me which sets a whole different tone to my day.  Once Brian got home we laid low around the house getting little things done and...I got to take a nap!  Brian and the boys also surprised me with a new sewing machine!  I haven't had a working one for a while now and though I'm not an avid or skilled sewer, it is helpful to have one around for little projects.  I've been eyeing them up in the Joann's flyers and have a few projects already planned.  He did spend a bit too much on it which will make the throw pillows I have planned the most expensive throw pillows on the planet...sort of defeating one of the primary purposes of the sewing machine.  He said the long term use will make up for it (?).  I don't know what he's expecting I am going to make with my crude and uncouth sewing methods...  He tends toward the more money spent equals better camp while I remain loyal to the best deal gotten equals bragging rights and less guilt camp.  For that reason, there have been many gifts returned in our years together.  On both sides.  I'll have to try out the machine a bit before I decide on this one.

I also got to sneak out of the house for a quick dinner out with my mom and sisters which was a treat.  I was also treated to this gem from John Paul:

Someone was very sneaky during his writing lesson the other day ;)
I love that it's a poem!  It took me a second read through to see that he was intentionally rhyming!
Michael and David were coerced lovingly convinced by their father to finish cards for me before they went to bed.

I always find Mother's Day such a weird day.  I can't get over the forced sincerity thing.  It feels so Hallmarky to me even though it makes sense to have days set aside to honor beautiful things.  Maybe it's just because it's a secular thing?  I don't know.  I don't pretend to make sense sometimes.  I'm still getting over the fact that my husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day of all days.  I end up thinking a lot about people who find Mother's Day really difficult.  Maybe that's why it's hard.  Because along with honoring mothers comes a whole lot of hurt for those who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those who long to be mothers.  It's a tough day for a lot of people.

I asked the boys to get me some lilacs for the house from the bush outside and they obliged.  The house smells lovely and I even remembered to make a little May altar before the month was halfway over so go me.  I'll pretend that I meant to do it on Mother's Day and not like it just sort of happened that way.

I realized as I saw people posting pictures with their kids online that I don't think I have a single picture of just me with all the boys!  So as I was running out of the house to dinner, they acquiesced to my request for a picture.  This way if I do end up keeling over via toddler-induced nervous breakdown like I keep talking about, they'll have some evidence that I did, in fact, exist.  

At least everyone is looking?  Also, on a not really related note, should I cut my hair?  The oft chosen sprocket look of late just isn't doing me any favors.  I'm getting tempted...

Hope you had a lovely weekend no matter how you spent it!


  1. I think you would look super cute with a bob!

    That poem! Pure sweetness!

    And... Girl, do NOT return that sewing machine. Who cares about the cost- clearly your hubby thinks you are worth it. :) seriously. No returns. ;)

    (My, I'm getting bossy these days, yes?)

  2. That's an awesome picture! I am so so so excited to have another boy and looking at your boys and the overalls just makes me so darn giddy!!!

  3. Mary, what a beautiful picture of you & the boys! You were smart to ask for one - it's a shame that mothers often get left out of the photo because they're usually the ones taking it.
    Precious poem by John Paul- priceless! A mother's heart melts.
    It was so great to all be together for dinner last night - so much fun! I had a wonderful Mother's Day spending it with all my beautiful daughters!

  4. It is a great picture of you and the boys. I agree about Mother's Day being a hard day for so many women but this year I heard many people being much more understanding of those who have a hard time on this day.
    The sewing machine will pay for itself. I have had mine since I was a teenager. I can sew pretty well but it more than paid for itself on simple window coverings. And think of the resale shop finds that you will be able to adjust to fit just right.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  5. Mary,
    what a lovely post! The poem, the photo of you and the boys, as well as your reflection on the day....Thank you for sharing.

    I completely concur with you about an ambivalence toward Mother's someone who "celebrated" Mother's Days after infant loss, yeah, it can be brutal. The final blessing from a well intentioned priest with all mothers standing at mass on Mother's Day was the most difficult thing for me and I've thought of that every year when the priest again asks mothers to stand ...there are many many women sitting and it's terribly sad. This year at mass our visiting priest played a John Denver song ( appropriate?? ) and so the blessing was even longer and more intense than usual. Many women were openly crying....many may have lost moms recently or experienced loss themselves ...yikes....This is the 4th mother's Day we've spent without my Mom...My hubby's mom is no longer with us either.
    Mary, sorry to be so lengthy.
    I should close and get to work with the kids. I stop in from time to time, but cannot always comment due to time...
    And your hubby staying at the shelter overnight? What a kind man.

    BTW, are you upstate? I'm on LI and just assumed that you were no where near me, but you never know!

    Have a lovely day, Mary
    ~Chris from Campfires and Cleats

    1. We're way out in Buffalo so about as far away in NY as you can get :) I've only been to NYC one time in my life!

      John Denver?? Really??? Yeah, the Mass blessing can be so awkward. I love the sentiment and that they are trying to recognize motherhood and all but I always just feel so self-conscious standing there while others are sitting and staring. And I've heard from a few people how it can be salt in a very raw wound on that day. The Mother's Day after we lost Joseph Mary was so so hard. It was only a few weeks after the loss and we were at a family function and no one said a word about it (though everyone knew) which was so painful. Until the very end when an aunt pulled me aside as we were leaving at which point the tears came and I ducked into the car...
      I'm so sorry about your loss and the passing of both your and hubby's moms.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

    2. Well, I guess the distance negates a get together! I was hoping perhaps you were downstate...:)And I am so sorry about your loss as well, Mary. That's just heartbreaking....

      Thanks for the lovely reply, Mary.:)

      I hope you guys have an enjoyable weekend!


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