Finally Four

Our David turned four yesterday and chose to celebrate like a king!  He had been counting down for weeks.  How I love age four!  I am so excited to see David blossom and come alive.  Though no doubt the toddler years have their awesome moments, they can be trying and I love that kids just seem to flourish at age four.  You can have real conversation, use reason, and they are so eager to help and be involved.  I am psyched to see who this little boy becomes.

What a grace that yesterday was also the Solemnity of the Ascension.  David had planned for at least a month that he wanted a "crown cake" and we didn't realize until the other day that the two special days coincided and how appropriate his choice was for the feast day!  We found out the night before that a first class relic of Blessed John Paul II would be stopping at a church in Buffalo and that the public was invited to come for veneration.  So I trucked out the boys myself to a church in an extremely shady part of the city on a drizzly rainy day for a very long Mass.  It was hard but oh man, what a blessing for us to be able to be there with our little JPII namesake and on David's birthday!  

I was stunned when we walked in the doors by the beauty of this church!  Even John Paul's mouth fell open and he got the sweetest smile on his face when he looked around.  We were not expecting it to be so beautiful!

The relic is held in that "book."  We weren't able to touch it but knelt for a very quick prayer after Mass and then headed home for birthday time.

The king on his throne

(My icing standards just keep getting lower and lower.  Cake deets:  India Tree natural dye (turmeric based), "gems" and jelly beans from Trader Joe's, ice cream cones for the points)

As per custom, grandparents and Godparents joined us to celebrate!

Train stickers and tickets for a REAL LIVE train ride from Grandpa and Grandma!

And the skies cleared up just in time for us to eat and open gifts outside!

Giant frisbee and museum membership from the other grandparents!

The big gift from Papa, Mama, and Brian's parents...he loves it :)

We so love you, sweet David, and I am so very blessed to be your mama!
Happy birthday, big four year old!


  1. So glad you got to go to the relics! What an experience that must have been! And - the cake looks great and David looks SUPER sweet and happy to be the birthday king!

  2. Great to see the birthday pictures. Wish we weren't so far away. I like that we now call the day after the boys" parties so they can tell us all about their party. They have so much to tell us the day after rather than during the party. David's smiles and cute full cheeks are so cute. It was great that you got to visit the relic. The church is beutiful. Brian's Gzrandma's church has a relic of the Cross. We can make a visit there the next time you are here.
    Hugs to David and all of you.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  3. Happy birthday sweet David! We love you!

  4. Four is the best age, isn't it? I wish I could freeze all my kids there. Happy birthday to David!


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