WIWS - Verging on Unwashed Urchin

It's spring!  It's spring!  It's spriiiiinnnnng!
The type of morning where I could open the windows as soon as I woke and we didn't need coats and everyone lingered outside after Mass because it was just so gorgeous!  

My boys looked way better than me this week so them first:

This boy was so excited to dress "just like Papa" this morning.  Which meant finding a tie that matched even if it was just a tad long.

Just a tad.

And he decided to wear a white shirt so that he could look like Mama.  (Favorite child of the day goes to...)

The little ones weren't on their best behavior at Mass so during the Liturgy first Brian had to go in the back with Luke and then to defuse a mid-Consecration meltdown, I sent David back to find them.  I found them outside hanging with St. John Neumann.  David lost eggs after Mass.  (Who uses eggs as an incentive, you ask?  We do.) 

Apparently he was heartbroken.

Did you know our parish was literally founded by St. John Neumann?  True story. 

Love that a dandelion can inspire this kind of face :)

A "boo-quet" for moi

Picking, tasting, "sniffing" dandelions
I tried to show Luke the other day how to smell flowers and now he just gets really close and nose blows them or tries to eat them.  Cutest.

(FYI: Not our car in the background)  (Ha.)

Oh, me.  This picture is tragic, really.  Tragic enough that it merits a smaller size to less assault your eyes.  I look like I'm wearing some weird Victorian pajamas or something, don't I?  I tried to look nice but what with the greasy please-shower-me hair, it was a losing cause from the get-go.  And Brian my photographer is adept at Most Unflattering Angle (MUA) so that my already large noggin looks even larger.  It's the brains.  

Shirt - hand me down from my mom
 Skirt - Old Navy last year (I didn't even like it all that much when I bought it but needed something for John Paul's First Holy Communion.  It is so hard to find nice, affordable skirts, right?)  
Shoes - I am wearing some.  Brown Mary Jane-esque things from Payless, I think.  

Now you may avert your eyes.  I'm really bad at this fashion thing.  I totally own that.  But I do try to not look like a street urchin so Jesus gives me some credit there, I think.  At least my kids are cute. 

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  1. I think if the skirt was a wee bit shorter you would have been fine. The color combo is lovely and as for the hair...Your crazy woman. You look happy and ready for Spring.

  2. You look great! I totally own that shirt too... I think in went for it b/c it was long and on sale, which rarely happens! But ya, it's def. Old navy quality :( and hey, modesty is hot, ok! :)

  3. I am so impressed that you get your boys do dressed up each week. They are so cute!!!

    Um... Eggs?

    (You do know the rest of us bribe our kids with donuts, right? ) :)

  4. I had a clothing crisis on Sunday because I hadn't done my personal laundry yet so I paired a long flowered skirt with an orange minidress that fit over my 7 mo belly. I came down and asked my husband, "Does this look totally awful?" He said, "Not if you're going to shop at Walmart." I changed.

    Moral of the story: Victorian PJs are not the worst fashion statement one could make! :)


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