Seven Quick Takes - Super Suspiciousness

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A friend shared this and I just love it so much.  Check out our Pope Francis basically being a dad and telling us to quit whining.  At least, that's my synopsis.

Favorite line:  “Complaining seems safer. It’s something certain. This is my truth: failure.”

The proper way to break your gluten fast.

Clone of a Cinnabon - our Christmas and Easter morning breakfast
(I forego the machine, use real butter (margarine is gross, people) and do half white whole wheat flour but everything else the same.)  It makes 12-15 rolls depending on how big you make them.  We each get one that morning.  Then the rest of the week finds me ferreting pockets of time where I can hunch over the counter and sneak the remaining without garnering suspicion whilst evading questions about where the rest of the rolls went.  Sometimes when feeling extra holy I graciously let Brian have another.

I'm taking my husband on a super secret date tonight.  I've had it planned for months but I can't say anything here because he compulsively checks this blog for...I don't know what...awkward and revealing photos?  Insights into his crazy wife's brain?  Mental preparation for the reveal of embarrassing or intimate facts so that he can arrange a verbal defense to acquaintances who bring it up?     Who knows.  Anyhow, it should be fun and it is one of the reasons I wasn't too upset about missing that New York trip.  And the New York trip decision was why I had to tell him I had something planned rather than just whisking him away when he got home from work completely unexpected and fun like I had hoped.  So now he's suspicious (in a good way) of my plan.  Luke is now pretty sick and a sad panda, though, so would you mind saying a prayer that he does okay the few hours we'll be gone tonight?    I'm a little worried about it.

Did you see this?  TWENTY percent of high school boys are now diagnosed ADHD?  And 11% of school age boys overall?  This is crazy, y'all.  Seriously messed. up.  Our poor boys.  It's time we stop pouring money into researching ridiculous things like why lesbians are fatter (no joke...thanks, federal government!  Shouldn't some group be offended by that or something?) and maybe spend a bit more figuring out why a fifth of high school boys are on powerful mind-altering pharmaceuticals.  Also time to be talked about:  The fact that many of these recent mass shootings have been perpetrated by those who were or had used powerful psychotropic drugs that have side effects like "aggressive behavior," "hostility," "impulse control," and "delusion."  Um, but let's not talk about that.  It might offend people.  
It's the guns' fault.

Speaking of which, these gun control laws?  What the h is going on in this country?  We do realize that they make NO. SENSE. right?  I mean, really?  Our ability to use logic is not completely out the window?  Or maybe it is.  Yeah, I guess it is.  Like armed guards at big banks and federal buildings are there to prevent holdups and shooters and keep people safe but that wouldn't work at school so let's make sure our children in schools DON'T get that level of protection?  That'll keep potential shooters away.  You know WHY people bent on shooting a whole lot of people choose places like schools?  Because they are sitting targets WITHOUT ANY DEFENSE.  So yeah, labeling something a "gun-free zone" is basically advertising to the crazies.  But guns look scary so let's just pretend they don't exist and then we'll all just live in peace and harmony.  Besides look at all the places that have the strictest citizen gun control like Chicago and D.C. and Connecti...oh, wait.  But never mind that.  Let's take guns away from all the people who actually respect the law so that only people who want to do bad things can have the weapons?  Oh, and the government.  History shows they're ALWAYS the good guys so they should have unrestricted access to weapons.  Because, you know, the second amendment was all about hunting.  Or for those gun controllers who admit that it wasn't, we just know OUR government is far too enlightened to be tempted towards oppression.  Yeah.  You go with that.

Ahem.  Take a breather, Mare.  Perhaps watching Revolution with the husband isn't the greatest idea right now.  Or...maybe it is...  Awesome show.  Go watch it.  I can't believe it hasn't been pulled by those in charge.  Time to go usher the kids outside because we have this crazy bright light in the sky.  It could possibly be a drone but I think it's making things feel warm and less chillingly painful outside so we're gonna take our chances.

Now head yourself on over to Jen's and enjoy a different dose of suspicion mostly in regard to scorpions and robots in her veins.  Totally valid.



  1. AAAH! Is Revolution back on? I love that show! *rushes to look at TV listings*

    1. I think the next season is coming back on but we just started watching the first season online!

  2. #6- Will NOT even go there since I woke up to news that the lovely state I live in is about to sign into law the most strict gun control in the nation (we had been warned to buy our guns fast, sorry we did not listen!).

    #5- I need to write a post about this topic. I really think so much of it comes from our foods. The artificial cr_p, preservatives, coloring . . . I could go on. We eat well here, but when the boys get junk, they turn into monsters . .. I am not kidding! My 4 year old had a horrible day on Monday and I am convinced it was from the candy he got at the Easter Egg hunt.

    Have fun tonight! So happy you are doing something nice, even if you are not ging to NYC.

    Oh, and I have Hiking the Camino for you! Will send soon.

    And the color of my kitchen walls . . . I shoudl be able to tell you , but cannot . . .the label got ripped off the paint can!

    1. Yep, I have a whole lotta theories as to why so many poor boys (and girls) are being medicated. I think it's a whole combination of things but yes, I think it's just crazy that people will not admit that eating colorings and chemicals that are now banned in other countries will affect your child. Completely illogical.

      I did end up picking a color and painting but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet! THanks for checking!

  3. #3 - Yeah, yeah, I get it. Pope's gonna challenge the heck outta me. Well, I guess literally the hell outta me. It's a good thing even if I come along kicking and screaming, I guess. :)
    #4 - Praying! That always seems to happen here - fun/exciting plans and one of them gets sick. St. Michael defend you and Jesus heal your little one!
    #5 - Wow. I think I just got a new blog idea. Let's explore what our money goes to research. Good grief.
    #6 - Yup, yup, yup.
    #7 - I loved it last season but haven't caught it this season. Bedtime for two littles is kicking our behinds. :(

  4. Oh my goodness- loved this whole post. Yay, surprise secret date night! Yay husband obsessively checking your blog because he misses you and loves you so much! #5: isn't it such a terrifying shame? #6: Amen a thousand times. Are people incapable of rational thinking??? #7 So maybe that's a show we should watch, huh?

    1. Yes. Watch it! Except that we've only seen three episodes so maybe I shouldn't endorse it too much. It could take a dive. It's violent, though, so be forewarned.

  5. You made me laugh out loud multiple times. I don't have a clue what you sound like in person (obviously), but now I have an idea in my head. :) Also, HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON YOUR DATE!!! And, prayers for the babe.

  6. Awesome post Mary! Praying 4 u! I totally know how u feel...

  7. Love your blog; so happy I subscribe:)I'm sire tonight was fun and well deserved...hope the little one is feeling better!

    Thank you, Mary.
    God bless

  8. Foz-
    Seriously, don't get me started with gun control. BUT, you know what is really sad? I mean, like really? Is that our culture is past the point of discussing things/approaching things with any sense of logic. You know the post I posted last week about gay unions? Well, Mike Chamberland called me that night and was like, 'here are some good ways to argue for traditional marriage'. And, what I ended up saying to him is that LOGICAL arguments do not work anymore. Objective truth, in a secular world, does not matter. Natural law does not matter, facts to not matter. EVERYTHING has to do with emotions. It's so frustrating, and actually, keeps me up at night.
    In other news, the medication of children has bothered me for about a decade now. With boys it is ADHD, but do you know how many hormonal girls are 'diagnosed' bipolar and put on massive amounts of anti-psychotic drugs? You know, my younger brother was a total spaz in his youth. And my parents pushed forward with discipline and love, not medication. I am not saying all kids don't need medication, but I think it is RARE when the do. And, like you said, I find it FASCINATING that the national conversation regarding Mass shootings focuses on guns which facts clearly show have NOTHING to do with the problem. BUT, almost every mass shooter in the past ten years was on a powerful cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. But, we can't talk about that huh? it isn't politically correct.



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