{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Easter Week Edition

~  Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


Pussy willows gifted by my dad:

I love pussy willows!  They begin to bloom before a lot of other things and remind me that spring truly is coming, despite all evidence to the contrary!

Ooh, the handmade rosary you could win if you enter before Monday!
(Sorry, had to!  I don't want anyone to miss out on this!)


A few more Easter Sunday pics to share: 

Some serious egg hunting

Drum lessons from Grandpa


This boy knows how to rock it.

Jammin' out to some Easter morning P&W music.  One of those "my heart just might explode right here in my chest" moments.

And some later jams all shirtless rockstar style.  Shirtless because our Easter festivities always involve the one year old somehow spilling lighter fluid on his pajamas, don't yours?  Maybe it was part of the pyrotechnics show.  (Just a little bit, don't worry and pajamas since disposed of.)
(Also of note:  Kitschy Jesus moose.)

  "I can't find my basket ANYwhere."  
Says our little Eeyore of the family.  (God help him, he takes after me.)  Took him a good few minutes and a few more than obvious "clues" to finally see it right behind him.


Oh yes.  Hours after he finally broke that second molar.  Literally.  Woke up from his nap with runny nose and goopy eyes.  Poor kid cannot get a break.  He is just the sweetest boy that ever there was, though.  Here's hoping he wakes up this morning feeling better.

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  1. I love seeing the dancing pictures - he's got moooooves!

  2. My dad also loves drums, and I've seen him stand in the SAME outfit, in the SAME stance behind one of my boys before! Maybe our dads are clones?

    1. Or maybe we're half sisters or something???? You know, one of those "he had two families but no one knew" sort of things?? Except for the emotional trauma caused, that would be so rad.

  3. Oh, I love pussy willows, beautiful pics! And I totally feel you with those heart pounding moments!

  4. Love the drum shot with the moose. And you make me want a pussy willow tree!

  5. Great pictures. The dress shirts and ties make the boys look so much older.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  6. One of those "my heart just might explode right here in my chest" moments. Oooh, I know those! Awesome!! Cute kids, too. :-)

    The moose is great. I see a lot of moose related things up here, but I hadn't seen that one before.

  7. Great photos! Poor sweet Luke-Baby. Glad the molar is finally through, though!

  8. I love how your boys are always dressed like little men for Mass. I'm always reminded by your pictures how we should always give our best for God.

  9. My nephews are so stinkin handsome! I was trying really hard to get glimpses of other nieces and nephews...

  10. Serious dance moves! I love it. Your boys look so handsome in all their Easter finery. Handsome little men. I am so glad I stopped in from Like Mother, Like Daughter. Happy Easter!!


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