Pinished - Food (& Winners!)

Dorian at Scrutinies is hosting Pinishers for the first time ever and I'd like to submit my low standard  entry from last Friday night's dinner which is also serving the boys tonight before we head out for baseball:  Lentil Sloppy Joes

Original link:  Vegan Dad
Link to my pin:  Here
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I served it on homemade rolls (be impressed) and I had to use a mixture of green and red lentils since I was short on both.  I also used an orange pepper in place of green, apple cider vinegar rather than red wine, and omitted the black pepper and tabasco.  (Don't you hate when people do that to a recipe?  I am totally that person.)  Verdict?  Surprisingly good!  The boys ate them pretty well and I think Brian smiled and nodded and pretended to like them which is enough for me to serve them again.  I realized as I was making it that this recipe is very similar to my normal sloppy joe recipe so next time I'll just use that replaced with the lentils and a bit more water.  Maybe I'll share that one sometime and then someone else can pin it and make me not really famous.  Next time I'll also make sure to have enough red lentils on hand because the green never get soft enough for our taste.  I love finding recipes that are super frugal like this because I am somewhat fearing the days ahead of feeding (at least) four grown boys.  Also a win because it is Friday and Lent friendly!

I put it on a fancy plate to try to make it look specialer.

Mmmmm...fake sloppy joe...

Now for the winners of the three Pampered Chef giveaways!  I used the random number generator and the winners are:

Season's Best Recipe Collection (Wednesday) - Melanie F.
Season's Best Recipe Collection & Quicut Paring Knife (Friday) - Gina B.
Mini Serving Spatula (Sunday) - Becky

If you could send me your mailing address, we'll get your prize mailed out to you ASAP.  Thanks for playing along!  Maria and I were laughing that her request for superhero comments was taken literally.  I guess we should've put that in quotes!  Funny thing is, I didn't even think twice that people were telling me their favorite superhero until she brought it up that she meant "superhero" as in little person pretending to be a superhero like her son was!  Ha, still fun learning everyone's "favorite" superhero!  I'm not sure I have one but I guess it would be a close race between Spiderman and Batman with Batman eking out a win.  A reclusive Batcave dwelling somedays sounds like a very pleasant escape.



  1. Hooray! Thanks for participating! The fancy plate really shows off the refined elegance of the Sloppy Joe. I might have to try this recipe even though I'm supposedly Paleo at the moment and avoiding legumes. But I've always liked lentils.

  2. It totally looks spectacular! Well done!

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