Creative Fair

Friday night one of the homeschool groups we belong to organized a little creative fair.  Parents brought a dish to share, kids brought a project to share and an event was made.

John Paul did a project on The Mistmantle Chronicles one of his favorite topics as of late.

I know his cousin Sydney who introduced us to the series would be interested in a closeup of his diorama.  I'm sure she could point out Anemone Wood, the Spring Gate, Tangletwigs, and the details John Paul made sure to include in the tower.  The two of them have become little pen pals corresponding back and forth mostly about Narnia and Mistmantle.  John Paul was thrilled to get some paper dolls in the mailbox the other day meticulously crafted by his cousin just for him!  

The kids got to explain their projects to their friends which was quite cute to watch.

Michael's project on the body
We outlined his body but then ended up having to fatten it up in order to fit the organs :)

Showing it to the "judges"

David brought our Europe puzzle which he can put together completely on his own.  I'm pretty sure he can do it better than I can.

After pointing first to Greece, he was able on the second try to show us where the pope lives.

And Luke meandered about showing us what cute looks like.  He also wowed us in several physics demonstrations such as how water is poured, how to vanish in an enclosed cafeteria, and how to make food disappear without actually eating.


  1. Wonderful projects, boys! Great work! All of you did a fantastic job and I bet the judges were very impressed - I know I am! xo

  2. Good job to all of you!

    Sydney smiled brightly when I showed her this post. Then she ran off and made another Mistmantle surprise for John Paul!

  3. Great job on the projects! Quite impressive. They all look so grown up showing their projects. Luke always does a great job displaying cuteness. Proud smiles to all.
    Grandma & Grumpy.


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