WIWasn'tWS and Five Things

We're going to call this one WIWWS because what is so very much more exciting than what I am wearing is what I am not wearing.  Do you see what I'm NOT wearing?? 

Yes, it was warm enough yesterday to not even need a coat for Mass and when heading out to an afternoon meeting when this ridiculous picture was taken.  And the whole world rejoiced and opened their car windows and belted out their favorite tunes.

But just in case you're dying to know the boringer things:
Sweater:  Thrift store last month.  I really enjoy it right now but I can see it being one of those ones that I will bring out next fall and wonder why I was wearing it so much.
Jeans (I did wear the denim skirt to Mass):  New from Target with a Christmas gift card!  I haven't been to Target in ages and it was all remodeled and left me very confused.  My favorite skinny jeans finally gave way at the knee.  Does anyone have a great way to repair jeans other than a super obvious "sewing" job in which I will inevitably approach them with the needle and thread and leave them looking like they were attacked by a drunk monkey who for the sake of this lame analogy happened to have a needle and thread?
Boots:  Grandma.
Dark Circles:  Brought to you by the letters D, S, T, and L and the number 1.

Hey!  I was also tagged by both Colleen and Dwija for a five things post so I'm going to throw that in right here and go all double post ninja style on you and try to think of new things that weren't shared in this post.  Thanks, ladies!  

Five Random Things You May Not Know About Me:

I am incredibly indecisive about little things.  This is one of the reasons my favorite color is white.  I do think it's beautiful but it's also because I can't just pick one favorite color.  They're ALL beautiful and it wouldn't be fair (colors have feelings, right?).  So because I learned during science class once upon a time that white is the presence of all color, I figure it's the best answer.  This is related to one of the reasons I hate malls.  Too many options.  And why I sometimes start sweating and get very nervous in restaurants before I've placed my order.

Don't let my present sort of healthy eating fool you.  My past was...not so much.  I won both a pie eating contest and a pancake eating contest in youth group (separately.  I have standards).  I remember my dad, ever the good diet influence, giving me one of those tubes of cookie dough for my birthday back in the early teen years.  I savored that delicacy through several weeks of Commish episodes.  
On the flip side of things, I did once go an entire week in high school eating almost nothing but bananas.  My psychology teacher had mentioned something briefly about bananas lowering the risk of something or other and I latched on.  I think I've since learned a bit more about balance.

 I could think of a dozen other places to live that I would like more than where we do.  If I could move all my favorite people to another place, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  I'm pretty sure the nanny state of New York is irredeemable.  But for now at least, we are supposed to be here and I'm grateful to be near my family so I've accepted it.  For now.

When I was little I loved bugs and wanted to be an entomologist.  Never liked dolls.  One Christmas I asked for and received a microscope and with my First Communion money I bought a "science table" which was really a microwave cart from the hardware store in which I could put all my science experiments and equipment.  (High school chemistry succeeded in killing any love for science I once had.)  I glowed in the attention of my big brother and felt like the coolest thing ever when he took me paint balling with his friends (though I was terrified the whole time that I would actually get hit by one).  Girly girl I was not. 

 After graduating from college I celebrated by going on a mission trip to Africa for two weeks.  It was amazing.  I even got to go with Mary which made it all the more fun.  I wish I could go back and take it all in again.  And I TOTALLY wish I had travelled more when I had the chance.  

 And now I'm going to spend the rest of my day thinking of better things I should've shared.  Head over to the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for more WIWS!  
Happy Monday!

(Tagging:  Theresa, Sarah, Mary, Jill, and Katie  no pressure ;)


  1. Ok...I was enjoying this post until I saw that you tagged me. I'll do my best : )

    no coat! woo hoo!!

  2. You could move to Massachusetts! But that's probably a step down. I love reading how people tick. Thanks for playing!

  3. I really like your sweater, but I have done that too with clothing, after the first season, I look at it and wonder why I bought it!

    I would love to move too! We had thought of moving closer to my parents in NY, but it was my Dad who said not to bother . . . he complained about NYS going down the tubes and the taxes. I dream of moving further South . . . heck, just a little west to VA would satisfy me.

  4. How crazy is it that we went to Africa together? True story, whenever I tell people about that trip, my husband tells people it was 'south africa' and doesn't really count. he does this because he is jealous of my travels :) At first, it started as a joke, but he has said it so often, that people really believe we went to south africa!
    It was nice in Michigan too. Who knew how much of a difference it makes when the whole family can play outside?!?!?!


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