This Month in Boys - March 2013

John Paul:

-had his first piano recital yesterday and played "Honeybee" (with no mistakes!).
-wanted to put up his big log cross in the yard the other day.  I convinced him to wait until Palm Sunday.
-just the other day decided he thinks he is ready and would like to be an altar server.
-got a little bit of his Lord of the Dance fix in at Grandma and Grandpa's St. Patrick's Day party.
-is embarrassed to cry in front of other people.
-MUST finish whatever story or complicated machine explanation he is telling you.  I really don't think his brain will let him stop until he finishes.
-wants to be a commercial pilot when he grows up.


-turned SIX!
-is on lesson 78 in Teach Your Child to Read and is doing very well but still doesn't believe he can read actual books and is a bit afraid to try.
-was overheard telling David that he likes to pull the toothpicks out of the middle of our crown of thorns "because those are the ones that touch Jesus' head."
-was very upset the other day because David wanted to make all the beds with him to earn money for the poor...and threw the fit (to prove just how much he wanted to help?).
-still is extremely sensitive to anything less than 12 hours of sleep.
-knows a LOT about history from The Story of the World CDs and loves for me to ask them questions at dinner.  He and David's favorite is the story of "Rabbit Shoots the Sun."
-wants to be a farmer when he grows up.


-still has chipmunk cheeks.  And I think their adorable thickness is one of the reasons his "s" sound comes out more like a "sh" sound.
-also still has his "moon eyes" that we dubbed when he was a babe.  When he smiles big he gets two crescent moon slits and his eyes disappear.
-at Mass last week declared to Michael before the Consecration:  "Michael!  Heaven is about to come down...but the saints are invisible."  Then this week before Mass reminded us "When the bells ring, Jesus is coming down!"
-agrees with and now copies Michael in pulling out the thorns in the middle of the crown.
-shuts down if you raise your voice at him.  
-wants to be an engineer when he grows up and "drive us to school." (?)


-has the most hysterical nod of yes when you tell him something, whether he understands or not.
-loves to make us laugh.
- is climbing on everything and trying his best to win the contest for First Emergency Room Trip against his siblings.
-still has not cut those molars all the way.  The white is has just been starting to poke through this past week.
-got the teensiest of haircuts from Mama just around his ears.
-wakes 3-6 times a night.
-still loves the bath but mostly when it involves pouring water out of it.
-apparently wants to work for the circus when he grows up.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Maybe he's planning on driving you to school on a train?

    1. I think that was his plan. Apparently the homeschool thing isn't impressing him too much ;)

  2. How old is John-Paul? He should definitely become an altar server - soon you will have all your boys serving and you and your hubby can sit in the pew alone :)

    1. He's 8 1/2. I asked him about it in the fall and he said he didn't feel ready for it which I totally respected and didn't feel right pushing. But I'm thrilled if he wants to do it on his own! I'm a little disappointed that our parish doesn't do things as reverently and with less...diligence(?) than I would like so that's a factor in the decision as well... I'm praying that someone who can train them really well will be put in our path :)

  3. This Month in Boys is my favorite topic and I am always thrilled to get the updates on all of the boys.
    Hugs and Kisses to all
    Grandma & Grumpy


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