Seven Quick Takes and Something Green


On the list today is ordering seeds!  I'm way behind so I hope we can get the ones we need.  I've mentioned them before but I love St. Clare's Seeds.  Non-GMO, heirloom, organic seeds from a Catholic company?  Yes.  And they have spectacular quotes on their website pages.  But please to be waiting to order yours until I've done ours, m'kay?


My Saturday plans have changed and gotten even a little bit nuttier but I've changed things around so now I can go see Mother Olga at a Lenten Morning of Reflection sponsored by our local radio station!  Remember when I saw her last year and she held and played with Luke?  I'm looking forward to it very much.  If you're in the area, you should come.  It's free!  And who doesn't like free?


This is Lucy.  She's dying.

Brian found her in the middle of the coop floor this morning lethargic and trembling a bit.  So we brought her into our little home hospice.  She won't drink and is clearly about to go but at least she can spend her last hours warm and free from other hens stepping on her and pecking her.  She deserves that much for all the food she provided our little family.  Or as David so eloquently put it: 
"We can let her die and then take her meat out."

In light of the papal election I really enjoyed this succinct post on how the secular media needs to be reform their reporting.  Also good info for a lot of Catholics as well:  the word Mass (when referring to the celebration) is always capitalized.  It's a specific prayer of the Church.  And on that note, the word Church is always capitalized when referring to the universal Catholic Church.  And Pope Francis is not Pope Francis I.  He would only be called that if a future pope took that name.  It's equivalent to not calling a man senior until he has a junior.  
Just doing my part to clear up the world of proper Catholic grammar.


NO.  If we're all sad, then let's not do it, k?
I finally got comfortable with how to organize my blog reading and now you're gonna go all retirement on me, Google Reader??  Other people reading, what do we do now?  How do you organize your blog reading?  Will there still be "following?"  FYI, I still don't completely understand what feeds are.  Someone walk me through this?


Luke was hamming it up for us at dinner and I snapped a few shots and then realized he was wearing green so I could link it to Cari's Theme Thursday!


But here's my other more artistic submission:

My Rosary plant...also known as String of Pearls or something like that.  It's actually still alive after a few years which is quite the success story in this house.

See you at Jen's...


  1. Oooh I love Mother Olga! I got to see her once, and her story is awesome!

  2. Thanks for the seed link. I bought some at our local organic market, but need more. We have a small garden because we live in the burbs, but I am really hoping for a fruitful one this year!

  3. Love the pics. Okay, break this down for me. I just use oldschool and I add my favorites and it seems pretty simple. Is that going to become a head ache for me if google reader goes away (I'm not even sure I use google reader).

    1. Ugh, I don't know. If that just stays the same, then I guess I would just use that! I know Google and Blogger are all connected, though, so wasn't sure if it would all just disappear. Hate that these things change!

  4. There were blogs out there toting bloglovin....I love google reader though...

  5. I've never heard of a Roasary Plant before. I'll have to look it up now though when it comes to inside plants I have no green thumb whatsoever. Kuddos to you for keeping it alive. =)

  6. I am VERY disorganized about my blog reading. Like- random links on facebook, random links on twitter, clicking on people's names who comment, and then whatever is in my main screen list. I know it's awful, but it keeps me on my toes....?

  7. Poor Lucy.

    And oh no! Y u no stay Google Reader? Seriously, why? Gah, I hate all these changes that leave the non-internet-savvy out in the dark.

  8. St. Clare's seeds? Non-GMO AND Catholic? Sign me up. I usually get mine from Baker Creek, but I'll for sure check them out.
    And your poor, poor chicken. And, if your house is anything like mine, your poor kids.

    Lastly- that plant is awesome. I'm going to have to look it up. I want one!

  9. I love that Rosary plant!

    And thanks for the clarification on capitalizing "Mass". I usually do but then sometimes feel self-conscious about it. Good to know!


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