Palm Sunday at the Gardens

We ended up at the Botanical Gardens this afternoon because it sort of sounded maybe like a Palm Sundayey thing to do and because we needed to get out of the house.  Can you die from cabin fever?  I'm thinking yes.  It was a fun Catholic nerdy moment when we got there and realized that their main atrium is The Palm House.

Obligatory palm photos

I want to see them start handing out those types of palms in the corner there at Mass.  How awesome would that be?  The boys were a little miffed that people at church this morning weren't waving their palms during the procession.  I can't blame them.  I would have been waving mine but instead was playing a rousing game called entertain the Lukebabe by letting him plunge his hand down your shirt and hide your lip balm and then plunge again to retrieve.  It's a fun one.

Look at all the colorful things!  Let's pretend it's spring!

David:  "This is Little House and we're pretending we're moving to the prairie."

Thirty seven seconds of checker playing

Looking at...dirt.

"Mama, I'm gonna go fight the dinosaur!"

Teaching moments caught on film

Michael:  "Mama.  I see a VERY silly thing over there."

Chocolate and Coffee...a girl could live in here quite contentedly.

Playing with the camera
(I've decided that we *need* one of those banana trees in this house.)

It did feel so good to get out and the boys were all genuinely excited about a trip to the Gardens.
I'm praying that this week be steeped in His grace for our family and yours.

And because all the cool kids are doin' it:


  1. Thank you for going to the Botanical Gardens and posting the pictures. Besides always loving pictures of the boys. I really needed those pictures of flowers. For a little while it let me escape this never ending winter. It is snowing outside right now and we might gat 6 inches. :(
    Thanks for the respite.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  2. Hey Mary! I was at the Botanical Gardens with some of my high school friends on Thursday! It did feel great to see & smell the beautiful flowers. It's really nice there now - it had been years since I was there. Did you happen to see the crown of thorns plant? That was very powerful - they say it's the kind used in the crown of thorns. It was quite moving to see.
    I had my picture taken with the bunny like Michael!! So funny! Sounds like a lovely way to spend Palm Sunday!

    1. ahem. You OBVIOUSLY did not study my fancy collage scrupulously. ;)

  3. you know, I thought that was it, but couldn't be sure - my old eyes couldn't read the fine print of the little sign...
    You're becoming quite the photographer - your photos are beautiful. Should I post the picture with my head in the bunny cut out??
    No? Good.


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