This Month in Boys - February 2013

John Paul
-has rediscovered his Lego love.
-for the first time has determined there is something he wants to be when he grows up...a pilot.
-spent the better part of three days this week pencil sketching.
-can hear a song at church, bring it home in his head, spend a few minutes at the piano and have the tune memorized.
-still snuggles in close to me when I read to him before bed.
-knows more than I do about ancient history and physics.
-chooses chocolate ice cream and cheeseburgers as his favorite foods.

(Working hard on a replica of DaVinci's ornithocopter)

-is discovering he knows how certain things are supposed to be and especially exhibits this with his younger brothers (read:  he's gotten bossy).
-has been wearing his special thumb glove every day and night and doing amazingly.  I only wish I had  done this earlier.  (Perhaps those first two are that his mouth is free a bit more he's enjoying the power it can wield. :)
-shovels snow like nobody's business.
-still sticks his tongue in the side of his cheek whenever he's self-conscious.
-chooses chocolate peanut butter ice cream as his favorite food.

-is at the very beginning of sounding out letters.
-everyday chooses "puzzles" from my list of things he can do when he asks "what's my school?" and every day acts surprised and excited and then runs off to get a puzzle.
-has decided he would like to buy chocolate for Mama and new socks for Michael for their birthdays.
-cannot for the life of him sleep past 6:45.
-chooses pizza as his favorite food.

-still hasn't popped those molars yet.  It's been over a month now of them being right there bulging under his gum.  Poor boy.
-is very intentional about what he wants and has learned to yell to get it.
-now spends only about half his time sucking things he shouldn't and puts that energy into throwing things he shouldn't.
-is learning to crawl off of things like beds and couches unscathed but is absolutely terrifying at the top of the stairs.  No falls so far, thank God.
-eats so much more than his brothers did at this age and is willing to try so most new foods (yay!).
-but to Mama's joy, still chooses her milk as his favorite.

(Fancy black and white photos to distract you from the fact that certain ragamuffins are long overdue for haircuts.)


  1. I love these posts about the boys and the unique characteristics each one exhibits. Oh, but they grow so fast! Cherish these days!

  2. Our beautiful, beautiful boys - each one so unique, precious & amazing!

  3. Love this, Mary!

    Seriously, though...when you described John Paul, you described Sydney. Just last week she decided she wanted to be a pilot! And from my current spot in the house, I can see 4 piles of pencil sketches that Sydney is working on.

    1. Aw, I so so wish they could hang out more! They'd probably butt heads a lot but they would probably create a whole lot of awesome work together!

  4. I love the Boys posts! I get a feel of what each of them is into at that point in time. Thumbs up to Michael on his thumb out success!
    Grandma & Grumpy


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