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Anyone have tips on getting a babe to teethe faster?  Luke's teeth come in SO slowly (like it's been over a month where I can see his molars swollen right there under his gum) and it's agonizing.  Couple that with a nasty nasty cold (possibly Strep?) and we're back in newborn land waking every hour or two at night.  Actually worse, since he was such a dream baby as a newborn.  Some herb, vitamin, drug, something?  Bonus points if it will safely knock him out for a few hours :)  Throw me your tips.  Chewing on cold carrots just isn't cutting it.  Literally.


I know, right?!  And I didn't even make him write that!  It was just what he decided to write for cursive practice.  Someone's playing hard for Favorite Child of the Week.*

*Note to my dear children possibly reading this in the future:  not a real thing, promise.

Which is part of the reason he got to go on a date with me tonight.  We meandered through Tractor Supply for a little bit and then we somehow ended up at a hunting and gun store nearby where I got to browse things like "Coon Cream" and paint balls and pocket knives all while being stared at by extraordinarily large wildlife heads hanging on the wall.  He loved it.  Then we went to the coffee shop, got some hot chocolate and played Scrabble.  It was lovely.
Speaking of lovely, my friend Theresa started a blog a few months ago called Ordinary Lovely (isn't that a wonderful name?) and I really think you should check it out, especially if you're of the Catholic homeschool mom leaning.  She's a natural.  If there is a blogging natural.  And she knows about all sorts of things.  Like opera.  And how to make snow ice cream.  And how to take beautiful pictures without seeming like she's trying.  Hop on over.

Every few months I need a reminder like this post in my homeschooling journey.  You know, that we're not just doing school at home.  It's so so much more than that.  I encourage you to check it out.  

A few weeks ago some of our pullets began laying.  Since we went with the mixed breed lot we weren't  sure what type each chicken was, though we had our guesses.  It's so fun when they begin laying.  Michael took a look at the basket of new eggs and exclaimed, "there's even WHITE ones!!!"

Another link to a beautiful site.  About a year or so ago a friend posted a link on Facebook to Adeye's site, No Greater Joy Mom.  At the time they were asking for prayers for a fourteen year old orphan in Pleven who weighed only FOURTEEN pounds.  (Yes, fourteen.)  I was hooked and followed their story since.  Since then Adeye and her husband Anthony decided to adopt that sweet little girl themselves and named her Hasya.  At the same time they adopted a little boy named Kael.  That brought their family to seven adopted special needs children and two biological children.  All this to say that Hasya is home now and has been facing tremendous health issues as they have set on the path toward redeeming and healing their little girl.  PLEASE pray for Hasya.  And please go check out her site and be as inspired as I was by the grace present.  They are a beautiful family and their witness has certainly opened my eyes to the plight of the orphan.  

Have a beautiful day and see Jen for more 7QT!


  1. Your son's cursive is seriously impressive. What did you use to teach him?

    1. Really? Oh, that makes me happy! This is one of the rare times that I realized I didn't need a fancy program and just wrote the letters myself for him to copy. We did a few each week and he caught on quickly. I really really want my kids to have respectable handwriting!

    2. For real??? That is awesome. Yes, his handwriting out-beautifies my 11 year old's. In spades. And she's a girl! Aren't girls supposed to have prettier handwriting?! :)

  2. We wet then freeze wet wash cloths....when our little ones chew on them the rubbing does help break that gum down a little and it feels good.....Hope it helps!!! We have molars coming in also...lots of tears....Gina

    1. Oh, I'm sorry you're going through it, too! I don't understand why God did things this way! I wish they just had all their teeth at birth or something. I should try the washcloths again. He didn't seem interested before but I've heard other people love them. Worth a shot! Thank you :)

  3. Thank you for your encouragement and advertising, Mary! I think you convinced me to start my blog, and even though I really still don't know where it's headed, I'll keep working at it!
    And John-Paul's handwriting is amazing! Great job!

  4. The cursive is extremely impressive! You know, they don't even teach it in most school! Lost art for sure. Teething tabs and lavender essential oil, clove oil for the teeth...

    1. You know, I should try a different brand of teething tablets. The ones I have aren't doing a thing but I remember a different brand working on one of the other babes. I'll have to try clove oil, too! Thank you


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