7 Quick Takes - Grateful

For big kids who take their father's morning directives seriously and take their teething baby brother to the playroom for several hours and keep him happy so mom can get a break.

For three year olds saying with all the excitement due a visit from the queen of England "You GUYS!  Come LOOK!  The oven light is on!!!!" 

For the same three year old who calls his brothers "brothers."  As in, "brothers, will you play with me?"  Or "I'm going to go call the brothers for lunch."  I forget how cute he can be.

For a five year old who is doing wonderfully with his new thumb-sucking deterrent glove.  He wasn't agreeable to it at first but with the promise of a treat at the end of the day if he kept it on all day, he went gangbusters on it.  He even wore it during the night to earn a treat in the morning.  THANK YOU, Aunt Jill!

For days that look like this:

and nowhere that I have to go.  The boys think it looks like Narnia outside.

For husbands who do this:

and let their three year old help.  And three year olds who are overjoyed with manual labor and "special Papa time."

And for this:

Hard wood under ugly linoleum!!!  Squee!!!

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  1. That 3 year old! So cute!!!

    In our last house, I remember we felt like we had won the lottery when we found hardwood under the (old smelly gross ugly) shag carpet. Hooray for hardwood!

  2. I want that 3 year old for a day!

    It DOES look like Narnia - so beautiful.

    I'm glad the glove trick is working for you. I'll pray the enthusiasm continues and new habits are formed!

  3. so glad you got the thumb sucking idea- that's another thing I was going to talk to you about yesterday but glad you have the idea! The dentist scared Sarah straight and she immediately stopped sucking her thumb (except of night of course- when it mysteriously makes its way into mouth!) The glove seems to get "lost" at night...hmmmm

  4. What wonderful previous owners who were so nice to live with yucky linoleum and thick carpeting in order that the new owners would have wonderful well protected hard wood floors!!! So happy for your new find. We were not so lucky in our kitchen It took much floor patch and underlayment to be able to put in new hardwood floors. It is going to look amazing.

  5. Oh I would be so excited to find hardwood under linoleum! Yipee!

  6. Beautiful blog! ANd they are right--it DOES look like Narnia outside!


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