WIWS - Wear It Til It's Dead

Have you ever found yourself gazing into space wondering what various housewives across the country are wearing for their Sabbath celebration?  Yes?  Well, then, you are in the IN LUCK.  Pop on over to Fine Linen and Purple to have your day made.  I'll give you a start.

First I wore this:


Which is quite similar to what I wear every Sunday to Mass in the frigid cold.  The skirt is wool and lined and gives me an ultra hip Catholic hijab sort of look.  Worth it to be warm.

Brian:  "What is that, your can-can pose?"  The internet needs to see my boots, husband.
(My last attempt at a pose he dubbed "sexy librarian."  NOT what I was going for.  I swear I was going for precocious with a side of self-conscious.)

Sweater - Goodwill
Skirt - Hand me down from a friend (Gap)
Leggings (unshown) - Land's End gray cable warmness (sort of free since I had to make a certain amount or pay shipping and I was almost there.  They were from the girls section and adding them on ended up saving me shipping which was more than the leggings so I win.  Because you care.)
 Boots - Hand me down fancies from my ninety six year old Grandma.  Not making that up.
Same earrings, same necklace as always.
No hipster glasses.  I just couldn't get with it.  But my eyes did get used to them so I'm wearing them at night.

Then I wore this:

I'm killing this outfit.  And by that I mean one day I thought I looked good in it so I decided I would wear it all. the. time.  Tell me you do that, too??  I wear it any time I have to do anything that involves seeing people who don't share my house and I think people are starting to catch on.  And I realize it's not even a great outfit.  I bought the jeans in October and they are now close to rippage stage since I've been wearing them nearly every day this winter.  

Jeans: Levi's from Kohl's
Boots:  The other hand me downs for Grandma.  You can't tell but these ones are brown.  She had them in black AND brown.  Because she rocks.

After nap time we risked the pathogen-laden children's play "museum" for our return to Sunday Funday.  The boys played while I prayed that by some act of divine intervention we would remain unscathed by the germs.  God help us if we get sick again any time soon.  

Home again to dinner, reading, kiddos in bed, and I am beginning to hear the Dowager Countess calling my name.  I bet she's got some awesome boots.


  1. "ultra hip Catholic hijab" LOL!!! I enjoyed this post a lot... you are a very funny writer! Well, I love the sweater and you are rocking the outfits even if you wear them often. And yes... I do the same thing! :)

  2. That is one hip granny! I love me some granny chic. I'll bet she has some fantastic costume jewelry. Oh, and I'm too taken with your home décor to focus on anything else. Sorry. That dining room is just too charming.

  3. The cold is totally why I've been sticking with the pants so much this winter. Spring, summer, fall...way more skirt and dress action! And I agree with Shannon- your house is remarkably wonderful.

  4. You made me laugh out loud. I love it. The boot totally rock!! Happy Sunday!!

  5. Love the second outfit even more than the first!! Ok, so after about a month of wearing my big glasses at night, Phil looks at me and says "I really like those glasses" and so now I wear them during the daytime too! I'm giving you about 2 more WIWS until they are a permanent fixture on your face :)

  6. Came here by way of Mary Wilkerson's blog. I love this post. I love your About Me section given I too was never going to get married. I am and have 5 kids. I will not ever participate in WIWS, unless God feels like I need some accountability. And your Grandma is my favorite.

  7. I may have ba-ha'ed at "ultra hip Catholic hijab sort of look." And I LOVE all of the frames over your piano! Cutie-cute!

    I think I do the same thing with clothing that I do with dinners. There are maybe 4 that I will straight-up repeat, but I do something different nearly every day. At least with dinners, this makes my husband very sad, heh.


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