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I finished my last simple cowl today to be sent to the inlaws and -bonus!- the package is going to be there on time!  I've never actually worn a cowl but after making these and trying them on to make sure they didn't look wacky, I think I may.  My friend Heather tried to get me to make a cowl once.  I was skeptical.  Mea culpa, Heather, mea culpa.  I now see their worth and I like them.  What with my skinny jeans, my grandma boots, and a yet to be made super stylish cowl, I am going to be rockin' it this winter, aren't I?  The yarn pictured is a super soft wool and that's pretty much all I can remember about it because I bought it a long time ago and didn't save the info.  Um, it's purple.  

I got my copy of BXVI's newest book.  I actually haven't read the others in this series but this one looked like a good Advent read.  It is.  His writing isn't what I expected.  After being used to JPII's writing, this Holy Father writes a little more plainly and without as much flourish.  Straight and to the point like the German he is, I suppose :)  Coincidentally, I came upon this article today talking about this very book.  Apparently the book has caused some hoopla in the media.  Who knew?  Color me super surprised, though, that the popular media would selectively edit in their review to make it sound like the pope is saying something that he really is not.  I mean, they would never do that, would they?? (End sarcasm.)  Looking forward to finishing this one during the Christmas season.

What are you reading?  Knitting?  Check out some others over at Ginny's (who I just saw is reading the same thing I am!  Great minds.):


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  1. Ok so how uncool am I that I don't even know what a cowl is! Ill be looking it up on the Internet right after this post:)


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