Seven Quick Takes

You know what gets me upset?  When you buy something and you get home and you can't. find. it. anywhere!!!!  Don't even mention that you took all four children with you on a special trip to get said items.  Has that happened to you?  I'm losing my mind, I'm sure of it.  We bought a bunch of fleece and a dozen gloves for one of our Advent plans.  The gloves were in one of the bags with the fleece (I'm 99% sure of it) and are now AWOL and apparently have evaporated into the vast wilderness of crazy boy world over here.  The store doesn't have them.  I was positive they were in one of the bags but we have looked everywhere and my house is pretty organized so there's not many places they could hide.  A DOZEN pairs of gloves.  And St. Anthony hasn't come around yet.  And I needed them to go out tonight.  Argh.  And I'm sure you wanted to know all about that, right?

With all my posts lately you all probably think I'm super organized with Christmas stuff.  I thought I was a few weeks ago but now am realizing that I most definitely am not.  I totally forgot about Christmas cards until the other day.  And more than a few gifts that will require a bit of work.  And grocery shopping.  Oh and all those fantastic Advent plans.  Oy.  I went from being all ultra organized Advent zen to heart palpitation stage pretty much overnight.

You know what doesn't get me upset?  People saying happy holidays.  I really don't get the hullabaloo. Holiday comes from holy day.  And this season is filled with holy days.  And not everyone celebrates Christmas anyway.  I'm not sure why people find that so offensive.  Of course I wish they did celebrate it but I'd rather have them not say merry Christmas if they don't really believe in what it is than just pay it lip service.  Am I wrong here?

See?  They came!!

This box just made me so happy!  Our Jesse Tree ornament exchange box arrived at the beginning of the week.  There are so many different mediums and I love that they came from all over the country (and even Canada if I'm not mistaken).  Some people really outdid themselves.  And then there was me.  See that bundle of sticks in the middle?  That one is mine for Isaac.  Quite possibly you may need a detailed step by step tutorial because really, you see the complex artisanship that required, right? 

The quotable John Paul:
J.P.:  "I think we're going to have all boys in our family."
Me:  "Why do you say that?"
J.P.:  "Well, maybe it's something with your body part.  Maybe it only makes boys."

Huh.  Maybe I do have a sexist body part.

I really enjoyed this funny and very insightful post by Rosie over at Like Mother, Like Daughter on the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.
Just a snippet:

"But Christmas gifts aren't a reward for good behavior; like grace, they come whether we deserve them or not, because we are loved.
By all means, encourage better behavior in your children during Advent, but do it by helping them prepare their hearts to receive Jesus, not by bribing them to earn more gifts."


And now a reward for all of you who didn't click away after those first few takes and the real reason I forced my way through those other ones...
Overheard from the other room:
"I need some more Samuel Adams!!"
"That one's Angry Orchard.  I want that one!"

Amused mom comes in to find this:

Apparently this is what a "beer bottle battle" looks like.
So so many things I could say but I'll let you fill in the caption of your choice...

Go see our superstar t.v. reality sensation Jen for more takes of the quick variety.


  1. I have never seen a beer battle- how cool is that! hahaha, also I lost Easter candy this year and was going crazy trying to find it knowing I only hide it in a couple of places and found it 2 weeks ago!

  2. your boys! truly!

    and can I say, I love your bundle of sticks. LOL! I can never get a bundle to stay together without globs of glue; I am impressed.


  3. My body part must be sexist of the feminist variety. ;)

  4. I sooo needed to read this today when I took break from working on getting the house ready for Christmas. First I nodded when you wrote about loosing something that you know you bought. Over the years I have done that more than once. Hope they appear under a seat in the van or something.
    Then I giggled when JP gave his reason for the boys.
    Then my laptop was bouncing all around as I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of the beer battle!
    Thanks for lifting my day!
    I can't wait for Bill to wake up so I can show him.
    Grandma & Grumpy


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