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We celebrated Luke's first birthday over the weekend!

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My adorable little birthday guy

Something's up.  Everyone is staring at me.  Growing suspicious...

I LOVE that the boys make each other gifts without prompting.  This was Michael's creation out of an assortment of beans, macaroni, wood pieces, and popsicle sticks.  It's a playground.  Obviously.
John Paul sewed him a tiny felt hippopotamus.  Seriously, it's like three inches long.  He wasn't convinced by my gentle nudging that it might be better to make it bigger.

Speaking of handmade gifts, I'm sort of proud of the family effort that went into making our Luke a little push cart:

(Best picture I could get because he is always, always on the move.)

A hippopotamus for our Lukapotamus

Worst frosting job ever.  Slightly embarrassed but got over it pretty quickly.  Cake quality has declined as the number of children has increased.

He snuck an ear.

Gimme that cake, woman.


So the whole give the child a cake and let them smash it everywhere gets a bit old after your first, amiright??  Rather, think yourself wise, give them a smallish piece, take the photos, save the rest of the cake for guests,

and then still end up scraping frosting from every crevice of your dining room days later.  (There is most definitely still frosting on that chair that I keep noting and then forgetting to clean.)

Happy birthday, my Luke!

Perhaps next week I'll be able to show some our Christmas decor around the home...we shall see!


  1. Awww, what an awesome picture of your whole family looking at him in the rocking chair. So cute! Baby brothers are the best!!

  2. That push cart is gorgeous and super impressive!

  3. Happy Birthday Luke!!!! I have a sweet ten month old baby girl that would love to run wild with that adorable little man of yours :) we live in Tonawanda...Glad to see he had a wonderful day! Gina

  4. Thanks for sharing the birthday pictures. Can't wait to see him and all of you.

  5. Such beautiful children! Did you guys have some kind of instruction to go by to make the push cart? It looks awesome.

    1. Thank you! I just posted some of the details in a new post. It was actually really simple and we're so happy with it!

  6. Happy birthday!!! Don't worry about the cake! You did better than I do. I would love to be able to decorate cakes, but I will leave that on my lists of things I can't do, like dancing, lol. I think it is cute! I saw an owl cake thing on Pinterest awhile back and thought I could probably do that, but wouldn't worry about the frosting...

  7. Cute, cute post. Love the homemade playground, amazed by the cart! Thanks for joining!


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