A Random Christmas Tradition

Somehow or other we started the tradition years back of Ice Cream Dinner during Christmas.  After a trip to the hobby store to play with the train sets, we went last night to enjoy homemade ice cream at a local shop.  I also learned last week that David does, in fact, have a feast day!  Most of the liturgical calendars I've seen have never listed David the shepherd boy/Goliath killer/psalmist/patriarch/king (for whom he is named...right now he is partial to the Goliath killer part) as having a feast.  BUT THEN last week I decided to look a little deeper and there IS a feast for him and it just so happened to be in a week, December 29th!  So this was also our celebration of his newly found feast day :)  Yay for the internet!

We took a ridiculously long time deciding what to get.  When you only do this type of thing once a year, you've got to make it count, amiright??

David didn't want a sundae.  Just plain chocolate ice cream...his "favorite dinner."

Baby Euphoria

Post sugar infusion

The boy likes his sugar.

Mom exists!  I think that was Luke's attempt at a smile...ha!

Tonight will be low key.  For some crazy reason (that I'm SURE has nothing to do with parents giving their children ice cream for dinner) we had some little boys who didn't sleep well last night.  I think we'll go to the vigil Mass for tomorrow's solemnity and then put the kids to bed and relax.  I've never really gotten into the New Year's Eve thing...especially not since being parent.  Maybe someday we'll have a super rockin' party to attend but for now I think I prefer sleep :)


  1. Wow - it looks like you have quite a bit of snow. Our girls had milkshakes for dinner last night (something we had never done before) - maybe subconciously we were celebrating with you.

  2. What a fun fun idea, Mary!! This reminds me of when my Dad would be out working late and my mom would sometimes let us have waffles and ice cream for dinner. I should do this - the kids would think I was cool!

  3. Yes sleep beats out pretty much anything in my mind! Happy new year!

  4. I love the ice cream for dinner celebration. It is those crazy "not sure why we first did it" occasions that become the traditions that will get past down. Your future grandchildren will thank you. LOL
    Grandma & Grumpy


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