Thankful...and um, Blogger Advice Needed :)

The turkeys (yes, two...those birds were WAY smaller than we anticipated!) are roasting, pie is done, potatoes are prepped and littles are napping.  The calm before the I'm popping in here to wish you all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

So I'm thankful for many things.  But to be honest, I need to be more thankful for well, everything.  Don't we all?  Are we ever truly thankful enough for every single gift that has been bestowed on us, most unworthy humans that we are?  Probably not.  But we will try today, yes?  We will try to be thankful for the uncountable joys, gifts, comforts and blessings.  But living a life transformed by redemption we also strive, through His grace...always through His be thankful for the hurts, the sufferings, the trials, the crosses.  For it is in them we become more like Him.   It is impossible on our own.  But with Him, in Him, we can even be thankful for those.  That's the thing that saints are made of and it is the grateful life to which we are all called.  And sometimes that starts with being thankful for the little things.  Like turkey and stuffing and pie and friends and family gathered together in a warm home.

So today I will make my own puny little efforts, begging on His grace, to be truly, honest to goodness grateful for all of it.  And then attempt to be that way every day.  Let's pray for each other today that we can respond to His grace and become the redeemed and grateful people that we should be.  

And er, (awkward segue ahead) I'm so very thankful for all you dear readers.  Readers who share with me your joys, sufferings, and advice.  Speaking of which, (see how I did that?) I have apparently reached my  photo storage limit through Blogger/Picasa and I am not allowed to upload any more pics unless I buy more storage space.  It's not a ton of money but I'm wondering if there is any other way I should be doing this?  Preferably free but not too complicated?  Suggestions, other bloggers?  Because I really really want to show you my new stairs and until I figure this out, alas, I cannot.  

And, um, yes...Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I bought the extra storage - then ran out of that, too. So I had to upgrade to the next level. I think it's $5 a month, but since we live so stinkin far from family, it's my gift to everyone : ) (I should make my mom pay for it since she would flip if I stopped posting pictures).

    I hope you get a better answer than just buying more storage - then I can do it too.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Remember our turkey day together in Minnesota?

    All is grace.

  2. I bought the extra storage too.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! You bless!

  3. I have not yet run out of space, so I didn't even know this could be a problem. Maybe my photos are real ghetto? Probably.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  4. cigarette prices :) ?!?!?!? GET ON THAT GIRLFRIEND.
    Love your face! Happy thanksgiving :)

  5. Thanks, guys. I sucked it up and bought more space. I guess I was hoping there was some setting I hadn't clicked right or something. I didn't realize this would be an issue! t wonder what happens if you don't keep on paying each month? Do those photos above 5GB get removed from the past posts? I wish I understood all this stuff a bit more!

  6. Mary, look into a photobucket account when you start to run out of space again. Might work for you.


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