Seven Quick Takes - Oooh. I Got Political, Didn't I?

The husband is out of town for four looooong days on retreat.  At first I was like all, "okay, I can get me some girly food and some wine and maybe catch up on some Call the Midwife (watch it, y' good)...maybe throw a bath in there or something...hey, how fun would it be to start painting the kitchen cabinets??  Then I was all like, "oh, wait.  I have four children."  

Hey!  Remember that time when giving the government more control over healthcare reduced insurance premiums and helped out the middle class and small business owners???  

Me neither.  Thanks, O.  I owe you big time.  See, this is real money to us.  Like money that would otherwise be used to I don't for groceries.  Or school supplies.  But hey, it's not yours right??  So no biggie.

 Rebecca wrote the best dang post I've read about how demeaning this whole political season has been to women.  Seriously.  Apparently to the Democratic party because I'm a woman my votes are based on hormones and sex.  Yep.  I'm just one big uterus begging the men in government for a consequence-free good time.  That's what I've learned this year.  I mean, those big topics like the economy and Benghazi and education and immigration...well them's just too big for my little female head.  I get right flustered thinking about all this intellectual mumbo jumbo.  Just buy my vote with some of them special anti-baby pills and we're all set.

Speeeaking of politics...are you praying?  Like REALLY praying?  (Not like that thing when you promise to pray for someone but never really actually do it.  Lame-o.)  How about fasting??  Please do.  I'm not sure if you heard but there is an election coming on up pretty soon and it's a big one.

Spam comments have gotten fast and furious the past few days.  But at least they're getting much more wise and helpful.  Like this one:

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Or how about this gem?

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And then there's this one:

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 I know, right, creepy tight-selling spammer?!?  They are like the mafia!  Maybe that's who took the cigarette seller that normally visits me!  Cigarettes and tights.  Or cigarettes in tights.  I don't know what I'm posting that's eliciting those two visits (I guess I am sort of that homeschool rebel type, though, right?  Maybe the denim jumper spammer is on his way.  That or they think I'm a woman of the streets.).  But I think it might make a great new blog name perhaps?  Cigarettes in Tights.  Catchy.  Or flammable.

So suddenly I started getting Parenting magazine in the mail which is crazy because out of like, every magazine, that would be the last one I would pick.  I thought maybe I had somehow gotten on some sort of freebie list or something.  But I called and asked them to stop sending it to me (really, some of those articles are plain awful and not stuff I want around the house).  They told me I had a subscription that had been paid for (?) and they would cancel it.  I never paid for it and it wasn't on any of my statements.  Chalked it up to some sort of big corporation synergy thing going on because of me making a purchase or something somewhere along the line.  A few weeks later I got a check for $9.97 in the mail.  So...maybe someone bought it for me??  Like some sort of rescue attempt for my children? I should be offended maybe?  Instead, I'm just sort of excited I got a free check in the mail.  That could buy me like two whole packs of cigarettes!

Speaking of children and politics and whatever the heck else I was rambling on about...
The kiddos have been super interested in the upcoming election.  I don't know where they get that from.  Anyway, being the inspired unschooly thrifty fiend that I am I brought out a poster of the presidents that I found at a garage sale a few years back and jammed it behind the lightswitch cover hung it nicely in the kitchen without saying anything.  And they are voluntarily going over the first few rows every time we sit down to eat.  And they cheer.  It's quite hysterical. I was upstairs and could hear the shout, "Martin Van BUREN!!! (insert wild cheers)."  "Is Martin Van Buren your favorite?"  "No.  He's just at the end of the row."  (?)   So we've been dabbling a bit with trying to learn the presidents in order.  There's a LOT of Jameses.  It's fun.  I even stifle down my visceral reaction when they cheer for Bill Clinton, who is the last president listed on my super up to date poster.
And the other day David asked me if I could find "Mitt Womney" on the poster.  Which was cute.
And also, if you happen to be one of those undecided voters (for real?  like really real?), hearing a three year old say "Womney" is way more adorable than "Obama."  Just saying.

Click on over to Jen whose Quick Takes talk way less of politics and lots more about candy...


  1. Aaron made me delete my political quick takes :) But trust me before deletion, I WENT OFF! :)

  2. and, omagosh...I laughed at your cigarette comment. like, a lot

  3. Love this post Mary- you are too funny!

  4. Oooooh, but ********MARY**********, don't you KNOW that it's the evil CORPORATIONS who are charging you more for health insurance??? And that we need GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED "healthcare" in order for it all to be properly affordable? And then they can tell us where and when and how we can deliver our babies and demand that our children get vaccinated against HPV when they're 12 freaking years old????

    I'm sorry.

    Did I just fly off the handle a little?

    Mea culpa.

  5. I really like to control my own destiny and I really don't want to hear voting compared to having sex, I don't care what president approved of it...

  6. Great takes Mary. Where do you watch the midwife show?

    1. It's on PBS! It airs on Sundays but I've been watching it on their site. You'll love it.

  7. All the order..

    You're welcome! lol

    Thanks for the link!

  8. Hey Mary,

    In vision therapy Owen learned all of the presidents in order via visualization. If you're interested in the pictures I can copy them for you. It's amazing how well it works. So much better than memorization. I learned the presidents in order with a song, but when I have to get to a presidents place in order I have to sing the whole song to get there. Fun, but ridiculous. With this visualization, Owen can tell them forward and back and pick them out of the middle ex. "Who came after Pierce?, Who came before Taft?". Anyhoo, let me know and I'll copy it for you.

    1. Yeah, that would be cool if it's not too much work for you!


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