The Luke-Baby Walks

(Alternate title:  Luke Floorwalker...but that was dumb, yes?)

Somewhere along the line I heard that the younger children in families don't get all mobile as quickly because they have more people willing to carry them around.  Not true with this one.  The other boys were 13, 15, and 14 months when they started taking steps.  The Lukenheimer is ten and a half.  Ten and a half!!  He also just broke his SIXTH tooth, fits into "normal" size clothes (as opposed to being a size behind like his brothers), and is talking way earlier than the others.  Too fast, my Luke.  

Way too fast.


  1. I love how his brothers abandon him to see the video... :) My kids would be the same way.

  2. My fourth is easily my most mobile, too, so I think that theory is bunk! :) He is precious, Mary!

  3. Boy genius! Have we talked betrothals yet? I can't recall...

  4. My third child is only just starting walk at 16 months; a month behind his brother and sister. I think I prefer the late me more time before they start getting into everything. ;-) Of course I say that but Dominic has been climbing on everything for awhile now. :-/. Congratulations to your sweet baby Luke.

  5. Those first steps are always so precious to see!! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. I agree with Lin. It is great to get to see the first steps! Thanks for sharing!
    Grandma & Grumpy

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