Joe David Smith

I've been banished upstairs to lay in my bed and eat pretzels and cheese and watch Parenthood whilst my other half puts another coat of polyurethane on the floors.  Taking one for the team, that I am.  But since I am still wordless (or possibly just lazy) I thought I'd entertain you with this little gem brought home by John Paul from art class this afternoon:

File under:  One more reason I'm glad my son doesn't go to public school.

Meet Joe David Smith, the scarecrow that apparently has taken a night job as a soldier in the Armed Forces.  I think we should all be thanking him for his sacrifice.  Quite obviously his service has done a number to his joints.


  1. Lol. This is the same boy who made the air gun tutorial, right? Yeah, probably is best that he's homeschooled. ;-). Love it.

  2. Baaaaahahahahaha!

    Um. Can you even imagine what a public school teacher would say to this?!?! Oh man. This is hilarious.

    I wish my boy could run outside and play with your boy. They'd be best buds. :)

  3. Hilarious! I do love the tuft of green hair especially. John Paul is certainly creative. And it looks lovely on your wall - quite the conversation piece.

  4. hahaha love it!! and can i say I was up in bed watching Parenthood too- love that show!

  5. You would have definitely gotten a call from the school! Ha!


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