Completely Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

- The turkeys were processed today.  And I didn't even get to get a picture of them before they left.  I was hoping to get one last picture because they are such neat birds but they were already locked in a luggage carrier (?) in the back of the husband's truck.  He's doing the messy part.  I get to cook them.  And I'll probably feel awful the whole time.  Dare I even say there is a huge part of me that is more than ever tempted to vegetarianism...

- Please say a prayer for Auntie Leila!  Apparently she is in the hospital and will need surgery.  I hope it isn't anything too serious and that she is brought home healthy very soon.  God, please be with her and bless her.

- I have been a busy little bee the past few weeks working on and finishing so many projects.  It feels so good to get all those projects that were long sitting in my little brain out into the real world!  Pics soon I hope?  

- I'm so happy the floors are done!  The other night John Paul looked around and said "it looks like a KING should live here!"  The room looks so so much better and our house is now 99% free of disgusting carpet.  The mudroom carpet will stay until it decomposes.  

- Apparently my growing unease with eating animals has not been passed along to the children.  Last night at dinner Michael declared how much he "LOVES eating pig."  It was bacon, after all.

- I'm trying to get my husband to love coffee.  Is that weird?  I drink a few cups of 20% caffeinated coffee a day.  (Yes, 20%.  Four scoops decaf, one regular.  I'm a lightweight, what can I say?  And I know fractions.)  Long ago he gave up his Pepsi addiction so now he normally just drinks water.  Which is fine and healthy and good but there's something warm and relational about sharing a cup of coffee with someone sometimes, isn't there?  It's just not the same when it's a glass of water and I just can't get excited about tea.  I also think that extra boost of caffeine might just get me some projects done, but that, OF COURSE, is secondary.

- Right now I have only ONE doula client!  Now that the Lukester is getting bigger I feel like I can begin taking more clients.  So if you live in the area, please feel free to pass my name along to any women you think may be interested in doula support for their birth!  Do you know Cesarean rates are FIFTY percent lower for mothers who have a doula present?  And their labors are TWENTY-FIVE percent shorter??  True story.

- We sold most of our pullets over the past few days.  We now have four old lady hens, 4 laying hens,  and nine pullets.  And that is more than enough for now.

- I absolutely LOVED this post from Haley about Advent and Christmas.  You really should read it.

- Speaking of other ladies online, my friend Theresa just started a blog and she's a natural.  Hop on over and check it out!

- You know what grammar faux pas drives me batty?  The misuse of the word literally.  What's your grammar pet peeve?  (Please don't say people who can never remember how to properly use commas or the proper place of punctuation marks in relation to quotes.  In that case, I apologize profusely.  It's not intentional and try as I might, it just always looks wrong.)

- Another question:  what's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?  

- Another question:  what happens when Mary indulges in an extra two cups of 20% caffeinated coffee while the THREE littles are napping?  (Answer:  spastic posts like this.)

- Do you know my shopping for Christmas is almost completely done?  I have a bunch of things to make but the shopping part is nearly finished.  Which makes me happy since I don't like to do that part during Advent.  

- And because I said the above, the littles have all awoken with a bang so I'm off to do some sort of obligatory Thanksgivingy craft thing, I think.  

If I don't get on here before have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!


  1. I wish I could express myself as articulately and humorously as you do, Mary. You are truly gifted and I love reading your posts - they make me think, laugh, cry and reflect. This is a great outlet for your talents - thank you for sharing them!
    I can't wait to see your floors - they must look amazing!
    I totally get what you mean about the coffee, relational thing - it's really true. It's so nice to linger over a cup of coffee with someone. One of life's little pleasures! Do you really think you can convert Brian??
    It must be sad to say goodbye to those cute little turkeys - I think I would feel the same way. It's hard to eat someone you knew - but I bet they'll be delicious!
    Hope to see you this weekend sometime. xoxo

  2. If you do convert Brian, let me know how you did it. I would love to share a cup of coffee with Kevin someday. But Kevin likes tea and I do too, so maybe I should just be good with that. I do 50% caffeine - one scoop of each : )

  3. Yes Brian takes after his Dad with the Pepsi/coffee situation. At least Brian got off of the Pepsi! 35 years of marriage and we have NEVER sat and sipped coffee together. I on the other hand have had enough coffee to take care of both of us and then some. It definitely helps on project days. I'm full strength but never Starbucks level.

    "Processed" is a nicer way of describing the turkeys activities today!

    Favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner? Hmmm? Pie and sipping coffee with people after dinner. If you don't count all the other dishes we have.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Grandma & Grumpy

  4. My husband brought me over to the coffee dark side. The wonderful, delicious, glorious dark side! Yes, sometimes you don't even want the coffee so much as the sitting and chatting that goes along with it.

    Grammar pet peeve: writing "adieu" when you really mean "ado". You think that doesn't happen all the time and then you start noticing that it happens all the time and you wanna scream! (no commas)

    T-giving: Gimme mah stuffing!

  5. Mary, I loved this post! It was like chatting with you, which I hope we can do in real life soon.
    Thanks for directing folks to my new blog! I'm afraid I might disappoint, though, in the grammar and punctuation department. Actually, I think it's more spelling and typos... we'll see ;) My husband tells a funny story about a former boss who encouraged his employees to look over contracts with "a fine tooth and comb." That always makes me laugh. And the other good ones are what my kids say when they're testing out new words... of course, I can't think of a funny example right now though!
    Oh, and my husband does not drink coffee either and I often wish he'd just sit on the couch, sip a fresh brew (well, I kind of guzzle it) and appreciate a good dark roast with me.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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