Seven Quick Takes


The other day friends of ours came over for dinner.  They have twin boys that were born two weeks before Luke (they also have four older children because they're awesome).  Witness the adorableness.

Oh yes we did cage them in the living room.

For once in his life Luke was the tall one in the group.  Don't get used to it, kid.

Caught looking devious

This same friend also birthed those babies naturally (though induced) and PAINLESSLY.  Did you hear that?  Up until she was pushing them out there was no pain.  How incredibly awesome is that?  And one of the twins was born in the caul (for you non birth lingo people that means still in the amniotic sac). I totally want her to write out the birth story somewhere because it is so cool and would give a whole lot of women a more comprehensive view of labor and birth.  Women need to hear these stories, right?

Since coming back from our big trip, I've been going through what I like to call downsizing.  My husband likes to call it whytheheckareyouthrowingoutallmystuffcrazywoman.  I'm getting rid of everything that does not have a real use or that just bugs me.  Last week we packed up three garbage bags of my husband's and my clothes to donate.  A lot of it was in good shape but we just don't need it.  To my husband's credit he allowed me to get rid of several wretched items that he had been clinging to during other closet raids.  A lot of it was others' hand me downs.  Felt SO GOOD.  This week I added a bag and a half of linens and household stuff.  The closets and drawers are organized.  The loft and garage are organized.  The scary basement cellar of doom is almost empty.  Furniture that didn't fit anywhere but we *might* need someday was given away.  I should totally hire myself out as one of those professional organizer people.  I would rock at it.
The reason this occurred immediately upon coming home from two weeks of traveling is because we spent two weeks living out of one bag each without the responsibility of taking care of STUFF.  It was so freeing.  When we got home I was sort of deflated with all the time and energy that have to go into taking care of STUFF.  Some of that is good and edifying, of course, but it is so good to be able let go of things and not be attached to all of that.  So much more time and motivation and ENERGY for the much more important things.


Like this.  Showing off how Luke can talk.  Evidence:

Smartest baby ever.

I bought and have been wearing skinny jeans.  And I like them.  I know.  I'm not sure that a painless natural birth of twins is that much more unheard of.  Now to find some cute boots that didn't belong to my ninety six year old grandmother.  (For real.  You saw that hand me downs thing up there, right?  I wasn't kidding.)

Random Chicken Pic
(because I can't think of anything else to write even though I always think of a thousand other quick takes during the week on the days that aren't Friday)
They're getting big and we need to sell a whole bunch of them preferably before winter.  I should do a little chicken update soon, shouldn't I?

Go visit Jen.  She's nice.  And hysterical.  And fun.


  1. Where did you get your jeans from? Good luck with the boots, I've been looking for the right pair for 2 years!! And I refuse to believe that your friend had painless births. She just has a bad memory, right??

    1. I took a risk and bought them at Kohl's in the junior section. It was between these and the wild flares with crazy designs on the bum. I know!! It was just this one birth that was painless...her others were 'normal'. She had about a million people praying for her so maybe that had something to do with it :)

    2. I also got mine at Kohl's! I got the Long length so that I'd get a higher rise to go over the mama-zone that I'm still working on and I LOVE THEM.

      Hell has frozen over.

  2. That video is so adorable!! He is SOOOOO cute Mary.

    1. Your nephews are pretty cute, too, eh Becky?:) Mary, great post! Nicole is an enigma. I think she should definitely write her birth story and share it. Great pictures. Your chickens look delicious!hahaha.

  3. Yay for decluttering! I'm in the process of getting rid of 100 things and each thing feels great!

    I just bought skinny jeans, too. I told the salesperson there was no way I was going to buy them - did that in the 80s - but then I put them on and really liked them. I got some super cute boots, too. They are Merrel's and I'm planning on them lasting forever.

    Cutest baby ever!

  4. Love that baby, love the skinny jeans, love the decluttering and YES- I need to read that woman's birth story. Make. It. Happen!

  5. Love the video! Dad was sooooo happy to see it. I docluttered alot with the new kitchen. Much was tossed or donated and everything had to be boxed up since the room was gutted. Now things have to earn there way back into the kitchen. Which means I still have boxes in waiting that are hoping to earn a place in the new cabinets. I process a few boxes every weekend.
    Grandma & Grumpy

  6. "whytheheckareyouthrowingoutallmystuffcrazywoman"

    Thank you. Now I can tell my husband there is an official name for it!

  7. Love the Luke video - it's too bad he's such an unhappy child - we'll have to work on making him smile once in a while! I'm impressed with your decluttering - that is going to be my winter project, so keep inspiring me. Where to begin??


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