To Utah!

The Great Salt Flats outside of Salt Lake
Pretty neat that in parts the ground is completely white and the reflection makes it look like water.

Adorableness in the car

We stopped at the marina on Salt Lake.  The lake is beautiful and it felt so good to be here.  There was just something right about it all.  

I didn't know that in the deepest spot the lake only measures 32 feet deep!

We hung out for a little while letting the boys play in the rocks and stretch their legs.

There's also brine shrimp that live in the lake!

I'm pretty intrigued by this place and want to go back, I think.

Then, it was on to dinner.  (Some of you may want to avert your eyes...)

We were so excited to see there was a Chick-fil-A on our way!  This is probably the best and most kid-friendly fast food restaurant ever and we don't have any near us.  We tried not to eat too much fast food on this trip but made an exception for this place.  It's clean, they provide all sorts of things for the kids, the employees came out and kept checking on us and taking our trash.  The 'toy' that comes with their kids meal is either a book or learning CD.  Their lemonade is fresh squeezed and real!

The boys liked it :)

We kept on and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery that Utah offers until finally arriving in Richfield at another KOA to stay for the night.

Full moon over Utah


  1. Chik-fil-A....YUM! It was my favorite place to eat when we lived in NC oh so many years ago.

  2. Utah really surprised me when we did our big road trip. Really just...lovely!

  3. Great pictures...I saw this post in the "You might also like..." under today's PHFR post and love it! This is getting me revved up b.c we're heading west this summer again and UT is one of our destinations..Last summer we focused on the midwest/Pac NW...this year we are heading to the central states, beginning with St Louis, MO and Mark Twain's home in Hannibal, then heading to the UT, AZ, CO, CA, NM.....Gotta get some planning done...I see that you also were out in the west in WY...I have to come back and read those posts when I have a but more time.:) My hubby and I were out west several times, but before the kids were's been 18 years since we were in the SW....How we love it there. Looking fwd to taking the kids! Your children are so cute in these shots.....
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!


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