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Homegrown lavender...doesn't make a great cut flower but it does smell so lovely!

I always love these plants and we found some growing along side the house a few weeks ago!  I think it's called the silver dollar plant?  Is that right?

Some of my impatiens still going strong  


Our littlest turkey

Playing with friends

 Summertime bonfires

Kindling for the fire


You know what we got to have for dinner the other night?  Bear. 

For real.  We had friends over for an impromptu dinner and they brought over some of the bear meat they had received at the farmer's market bartered for their chicken meat.  Because when you don't have money for the chicken you wanted to buy, you just pull out your bear meat.  Obviously.

Manly men cooking up their bear.

I love that Michael and David have been playing Little House in the Big Woods all week long and have been pretend shooting bears.  And then we actually got to eat some.  Unit study at its best.  
(It tastes like steak.)


My little men have been all about being shirtless lately.  What is up with that?  Yes, it's hot, I know.  But really, do we need to prove to the neighbors once again what crazy unsocialized ragamuffin homeschoolers we are?  Ones who even let their kids play with fire and climb precarious piles of logs and drag around sharp sticks?

Yes.  Yes we do, apparently.  


  1. We always called it money plant.

    Bear meat? - interesting!

  2. oh, we are finishing up reading Little House in the Big Woods at night - my Lucas loves it! If I were to tell him about the bear meat he would turn green with envy! I might have to try to find some around here - not sure how easy that would be in Massachusetts!

    love the pictures!


  3. Wow, bear meat! I am impressed!
    Love all that outdoor living, shirtless or otherwise :)

  4. Gamey steak? Or just steak? I don't like gamey tasting meat. :-). I'm hoping to get on a bit of acreage so my kids can run around feral too. :-).

    1. Maybe just the very tiniest bit gamey but mostly like a rich steak! Lol...love my feral children! Maybe that's why the neighbors keep their distance ;)


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