Arches Park and Into Colorado

Another one of my favorite days of this trip!  
We left the campground early in order to stop at Arches National Park before heading back into Colorado.  Oh my.  Arches is amazing.  Incredible.  Breathtaking.  And so very fun.  And I really can't narrow down the pictures so here's another plethora of pics for your perusal...

Driving in

(Trying to find some new adjectives...)  
Absolutely gorgeous

This formation is called "The Gossips"

Balanced Rock from afar

Balanced Rock with me and three


and climbing

and climbing

and climbing.  Can you see him up there?

I didn't realize when I got their clothes out in the morning that he would be camouflaged in that orange shirt :)

Building with the rocks

Ahem.  Dear eight year old, I may have to swap those glasses for a baseball cap from now on.  Apparently sunglasses bring out the cool in you.

Throw all the rocks!

One hole was "garbage" and one was "recycling."

The boys were in heaven.

 Trying to catch a lizard!

Got it!

He was green when we found him then turned brown.  So neat.

Proof that I existed on this trip

Lots of cacti growing!

Artistic, right?  No?  I try.

There are (get this) naturally formed arches all over the park.  We drove up to the "Windows" and decided to hike over to Double Arch.

How awesome!!  It's huge and amazing and we got right in.  (See how camouflaged he is?  So funny!)

When you start approaching your voice begins to echo all throughout.

Super fun to climb

Insisted on doing it all by himself

Husband doing precarious things with my baby

Baby getting quite the kick out of said precarious things

A student conservationist was super cool and spent some time explaining how all this beauty formed.  I totally thought it was mostly wind.  Turns out it was mostly sea water and rain.

The famous Delicate Arch from very far away.  We weren't up to the hike to get out there, though it would have been pretty sweet.

We ate our lunches (guess what it was!), stopped by the gift shop, and then headed out towards Denver.    The ride as expected was gorgeous and we drove through the foothills and mountains until evening.

And were greeted back to Denver by a beautiful full moon.

The next few nights will be spent in ONE place!  Woo-hoo!


  1. Oh we've GOT to go there one day! Beautiful pictures!

  2. You are one BRAVE Mama watching all your boys climbing those scary rocks!! What an amazing park - it had to be a little boys paradise with places to climb & lizards to catch! How awesome our God is to create such wonders for us to enjoy. Your photography is fabulous. Loved that peaceful full moon picture.

  3. Really just so incredibly glorious. And I love that b&w shot. Really good!

  4. Such great fun. Now are they ever going to be satisfied with your local hikes? I want to go to all these paces, too. Glad you got in a picture.

    Grandma & Grumpy


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