The other day the boys embarked on their first entrepreneurial endeavor.  John Paul has been talking about this for weeks and we planned that Saturday would be the big day.

Preparing the inventory

Sweat equity

Promotional materials

Venturing beyond the typical stock with some innovative sales strategy

Lemontine's open for business 

I was amazed at their staying power.  John Paul and Michael were out there almost all day tending shop and trying to flag down customers. 

This is Mr. John.  Mr. John is the Best Mailman Ever.  Mr. John waves to my children every day and listens to their stories and waits for them to be ready so they can receive the mail by hand (because that makes their day).  One day, Mr. John even saved my then two year old from being hit by a car when said two year old's mother turned her back for a moment and two year old ran to follow his older brother to greet the mailman.  Mr. John got out of his truck and stopped the traffic while a frantic heart-stopped mother ran to scoop up the little boy.  Mr. John rocks.

They actually pulled in a good chunk of money...$16.85!  John Paul took the profits from the lemonade, Michael the planes and boats, and they shared the tomato profits.  We figured out a tithe for the church, John Paul paid me back his capital money (oh yes I did), and the rest is being saved as spending money for our big trip next month.  There is already talk, however, of investing some of the profit in company expansion.  I have a feeling Lemontine's may be opening again soon. 


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  1. Wonderful profit on your first day of "Lemontine". I love the name and the extras for sale were a great idea. Mary, you better keep an eye on your produce or you might not have anything to put up for the winter. Great job boys. Love you.
    Grandma & Grumpy


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