And So We Begin

We began our year on Monday and it went surprisingly well.  As of right now I like our new routine and I hope it sticks around for a while.  At least until we get sick of it.

Coincidentally, Monday evening was also a mini-conference for homeschooling moms in our area.  There was a panel of four veteran homeschooling moms who shared from their hearts their stories, methods, and struggles.  It was tremendously helpful and inspirational.  It left me feeling stronger and more sure that we can do this and yes, there will be plenty of challenges.  But it is possible and more importantly, it is good.  It was the perfect way for me as a mother to begin our year.

One of the mothers who I also consider a friend and someone I look up to a great deal shared something that resonated with me.  She said she now tries to make a point every day to cover what she calls the "three C's" with each of her eight children.  

Having real conversation with each child (i.e. not just giving orders and directions and realizing at the end of the day you never really talked to that child)

Physical contact with each child, be it snuggling, a hug, whatever

Ensuring that you take the time to notice (and affirm) what they are doing RIGHT and WELL.

It's easy for those who don't have small children or children at all to think this should be obvious.  But in the midst of diapers and lessons and discipline and making meals and the thousand other things we have to do in a day it is actually quite easy to forget some of these things that are so very important in loving and cherishing our children.  These 'little' things are so huge and so often I know I do not do them well.  It was a good reminder for me amidst a whole lot of other gems and wisdom gleaned from these beautiful women.

As of right now I'm happy about our plans for the year and where the Lord will bring us.  May all of it, the rhythm and routine, the inevitable chaos and burnout, the joy and the tears, the lessons and growth all bring Him glory.

Next up is finalizing the chore lists and getting a fall menu plan down.

We found this little guy on our first day of school!  He must've hatched out of the milkweed we picked a few weeks ago and has been munching happily in our front room.  Metaphorical, no?

I love those little gifts from God.

Homeschool perk:  Latin lessons not in a desk.  Or even upright.


  1. I LOVE the three c's. remind me of them in 4 years please ;) thanks!

  2. I hear you on those reminders, girl. I can be so...utilitarian sometimes. Physical affection often gets pushed down to the veeeeeeeeeeeeeery bottom of my list.

    Love your boy upside down like that!

  3. I like the 3 C's, too. The caterpillar is beautiful. Have you ever had milkweed pods in your house before? Many years ago, I picked some and put them in a vase in the front room along with some other cuttings. They looked so nice as they dried and then one day while we were out they decided it was time to break open and let their seeds fly. When we got home the front room floor was covered in white fluff!
    I thought the dog had chewed up a pillow. You might want to put them outside before you go on your trip.

    1. We also have some cat tails on our shelf. We like to live on the edge ;)

  4. Love the idea of making sure you do the Three C's! And I agree that latin upside down is a perk to homeschooling. ;-). Found you through Sarah at amongst lovely things.


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