7 Quick Takes

I bought mums!  And they're starting to bloom!  And I got them in the ground early this year!  I'm hoping I did it in time for the roots to establish and they can come back next year.

Bloom, baby, bloom!
My hydrangeas, on the other hand...

When did I turn all nerdy and old and enjoy talking about garden flowers? 

Speaking of old, I'm going to be 32 on Sunday.  Thirty freaking two.  I'm actually not that weirded out by it.  Thirty was hard but 32 sounds youngish.  Right?  No?  Oh well.  I'm making an ice cream cake and that will be awesome at least. 

I finally got around to getting photo prints done from the beginning of the year until now...

Someone take the camera away from that woman.

The boys and I have been getting a quirky weird fruit to try whenever I bring all of them to the grocery store with me (yes, I am totally that crazy and yes, dear people, my hands are full, thank you for noticing...).  Today was starfruit.  It was...eh.  Texture of a grape, tastes like an apple, but pretty to look at.  Mangos were better.

I wasn't even being sarcastic in that last take.  I actually don't mind when people comment and talk to me about my children.  I don't often have anything intentionally rude said which is weird.  I think my wide eyes and big tank cart might scare people.  (For the record, I don't really consider the whole 'hands full' comment rude which is by far the one I get almost every time I leave the house followed closely by "are they all boys?")  Almost always people just want to talk and are lonely and love seeing children.  Very often it's sweet old people and I love that my kids can bring them a smile and a little bit of joy to their day.  I like that strangers can still talk to each other sometimes.  
(Though note to others: please hide your shock at the fact that yes, they are in fact, all boys.  And please do not express dismay that none of my children are the right gender for your taste.  You probably don't think twice about it but it's not nice.  Especially in front of my little boys who are exactly who they are supposed to be.)

Today, however, was not such a hang out and talk with strangers sort of day.  Three out of four of the littles have a rotten cold and it's been quite the number of sleepless nights around here.  Today was a get in and get out in a sleep deprived haze sort of trip.  Poor Luke-babe is still hanging on and this evening he spiked a high fever.  Say a prayer for him, please?

And after that go visit Jen for more takes of the quick kind...

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  1. Gosh, I love hydrangeas but they are HARD to grow. Picky little things, truly! And oh my goodness, I haven't printed photos since...um....what year was my 2nd born?


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