Yarn Along

I buttoned poor Luke up in the Gift Wrap Romper and Bonnet that I finished for my cousin's little one.  It was another hot, humid morning but he didn't seem to mind much.  I just wanted to make sure it would fit all right and snap a few photos.  I knitted it to fit at about a three months size and Luke is seven months, so it was a bit tight and short but that was exactly for what I was hoping.  

I couldn't resist putting this next picture in.  Note to self:  angling the camera so much makes your child look like a bobble head.  Or what is that vintage doll?  I can't think of it.  But that's what he looks like :)  Still cute, though.   

Yesterday I casted on for a new Milo Vest for Luke to wear in a few months.  I'm using a Madeline Tosh hand dyed super wash in 'violin'.   I love the color for fall and I'm thinking it will just be the cutest with some tiny little jeans.

 I finished the first book of Kristen Lavransdatter and am on to the second.  With the boys I've begun taking time on the porch in the afternoons reading aloud the first book of The Mistmantle Chronicles titled Urchin of the Rising Star.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  It's a fantasy book and the boys like it.  It's similar to Narnia but maybe just a bit harsher.  There are some heavy topics that I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with just yet and the storyline might be just a bit complex for them.  For instance, it includes the concept of 'culling' the animals that are weak or disabled.  It's clear that this is being done by the sides of evil but I'm not sure about introducing things like to them just yet.  It's actually extremely disturbingly analogous to the evil things that are currently being done in real life to the smallest and weakest babies.  Just not sure if bringing it to their attention at this age is the wisest course of action.  But it could also be a very helpful tool in forming their conscience to be repulsed by such things.  Oh, these are big issues...  I'm going to keep my mom radar up as we read and pray for some guidance.  But as I type it out I'm wondering if I should just err on the side of caution with this one.  

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday and let's be thankful that this heat wave is supposed to break soon.  Stop by Ginny's for some more Yarn Along while you try to stay cool :)


  1. Hmmm...interesting thoughts on the book. I just asked Sydney what the culling issue meant to her and she said, "I don't really know what it means." I wasn't there when Kevin read the book to her so I don't know if he explained it or not - I'm thinking he did, but with that he softened it quite a bit.

  2. This is so beautiful!! Remember that time I gave you a "knitting lesson"?! LOL I think it's time for you to give ME a knitting lesson! Seriously. I love this.

  3. I read the first 3 books in the Mistmantle series years ago (own 1st 2) and wondered what age I'd let the kids read them for the same reasons you expressed. Just yesturday I was checking if our library system had any more in the series. To my delight they did so I'll be reading the next 2 soon. "Peter" saw the book covers and asked if he could read the books too. I decided to go ahead and let him. We have talked about abortion recently and when we read the culling part he made the connection right away. I'm a bit unsure how he will take the animal sacrifice part towards the end of the book but I think at 10 with some parental guidance it will be alright. I will say that of the 3 books I've read the first was the darkest. The other two had battles and adventures but not the same evil you see in the first, more of a Narnia kind of evil.

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I think I may read ahead to make sure it's okay for them. Glad the next ones are a bit lighter :)

  4. oh my that is so adorable!! love the little set, and your little sweetie too!

  5. I love that! You've got some serious talent! I need a knitting lesson :)


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