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Our preying mantises (manti?) hatched!  I'm not sure if both egg sacs or just one because you really can't tell but we released them all into the garden and left both the sacs under the leaves just in case there's more.  They're cute now but they're all creepy and alien-like when they're big, aren't they?  I'm going to get over it, though, because we are counting on them to eat all the other evil crop-destroying bugs.

See 'em?

We went strawberry picking yesterday.  It was good, but it was also one of those things that will be much better lived in the memory than it was in real life.  But at least we'll have jam.

It's like that with a lot of things, isn't it?

I was led to a great article about raising boys and helping them live chastely during the teen years.  It gives very practical advice and I'm grateful for it.  I highly recommend reading it if you have a boy.  Related, I also wish that the age of Confirmation in our diocese was MUCH lower.  Sixteen is far too late, in my opinion.

Today our meat chickens lives will be coming to an end and hopefully by night, our freezer will be full.  The husband and friend will be handling it without the aid of the wives this time.  Can't say I'm too disappointed.  But I DID help last time and gutted most of them (while PREGNANT) so I'm pretty sure I'm done forever.  We're getting some turkeys soon, too!  
I may or may not be knitting the cutest little gift for Dwija's new little girl, who has been dubbed BabyUnseen.  The girl even has her own hashtag.  For real.  She's already cooler than me and she's -1 (or so) days old.  If you haven't already, say a prayer for Dwija during these last days of pregnancy.  Pray for a happy and holy birth and that the poor girl gets some sleep.  You know how much you need them in those last days and weeks!

This is the photo my husband said I should've used in my post about how Luke is the best most squeezable baby ever (in our family this year).  Except it wasn't in my computer and was on his phone. 

Cutest, yes?

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  1. Happy Preying Mantis release! I'm so glad they didn't take 3 months to hatch. I still think if you think of them as PRAYING mantis because of how they hold their front legs they won't seem so alien and scary. Jam would make nice Christmas gifts. Just a thought. Give Luke and the other guys a squeeze from us.
    Grandma & Grumpy


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