7 Quick Takes - My Quirky Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my wonderful and quirky eldest child and we had his party a few days ago.  He asked for a "Lord of the Dance" birthday.  Yep.  Other than a small community ed. Irish dancing class three years ago and seeing the show last year, this isn't something we've had a huge role in...we don't even own the DVD.  The boy just likes the drama and story and heroism of the show and the music.  So a Lord of the Dance birthday it was.

He set this all up.  Tickets were given at the door to be turned in here.

The living room was transformed into a theater.
And his wonderfully patient Grand and Godparents were treated to the show that he has been dreaming about performing for months.  

Uncanny resemblance to the great Flatley, no?  Seriously he started working on this costume in the morning, even sewing his waist piece thing together to look just like the Lord of the Dance cover.  This kid is too much.

Not my best work but in my defense, I was constrained by the theme...

We got him the DVD!  I can just picture him studying the moves and trying to replicate...

My happy birthday guy.  Oh, I love this boy.  Happy 8th birthday, my beautiful, wonderfully quirky John Paul!


  1. Oh my gosh I loved this so much. I loved his Irish Dancing at our wedding :) And you know what I was thinking? Maybe his obsession is a sign and he really WILL be the next Michael Flatley (is that his name), except kinder, cause the real one is not kind. Fantastic post!

  2. This. Rocks.

    Your boy is so sweet. I can barely stand it. My girls would riverdance with him anyday of the week!

  3. It was an inspirational performance and I left the show wanting more! I can see Broadway lights in his future!! Of course, I am a very prejudice grandma.

  4. A "Lord of the Dance" birthday party? That is the funniest (and most pure-hearted) thing I have read this long week. Thanks for the little story and the great pictures, what a treasure of memories you must have. What bright boy you have; million dollar smile!

    Many blessings,
    Mark and family

  5. Oh my gosh...I enjoyed this so, so, so, so much. He is a hoot!


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